Friday, 24 October 2014

Welcome to the Jungle

It's been an interesting time. And it will continue to unfold in many more twists and turns I'm sure...
What's most noticeable is the acceleration. I see and feel it everywhere. Welcome to the Jungle indeed.

Which begs the question ... what is Your Jungle?

I'm sure as sugar finding out what my preferred is. I spent 17 blissful nights in the lower Puna jungle. And by blissful, I mean peaceful. It wasn't a big joyfest by any means, and yet it was ... I rode a roller coaster of emotions I invited in. Comparable to being on Survivor in many ways ... tribe name  PunaTics 

I'm now on the west side of the island Kona. One of the Puna tribesmen told me the Big Island is like a brain. The west, Kona side, the left-brain: linear, corporate, duality at its finest. The right side is represented by Puna: lush, creative, loving, energetic. Clearly my world.

So here it goes ... lil bit of a rant ...

This area represents pretty much everything that goes on in the world today that I am not in alignment with - and frankly - it disgusts me. And I can't fake it.

I have this theory about the zombie TV shows and movies (who's creators are obviously reptilian). People, can you not see how in your face they are?? The zombies are the mass of people now  SHEEPLE  
Those of us in this first wave of ascension are the survivors on these shows trying to stay alive! Only we're really the lightworkers trying to get others to Wake The Fuck Up!

My zombie-time-is-now philosophy is majorly evident around me. Do I laugh at the absurdity? Inside my heart cries for the evident mass injustice of this third-dimensional paradigm.

To get through the next five days (yes you heard it right), I've found a space for myself where I can spend a portion of my day removed from the deluge of distractions and be one with the exquisite surroundings that somehow get missed   Could it be all the pretty colour merchandise below the neon flashing signs?

I went from waking up to the calming sounds of Mother Nature to invasive man-made madness. It is a jungle out there ... and this jungle is much more frightening and unsafe than the one where my heart sings.

Silly Survivor Stories to come!

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