Thursday, 26 February 2015

Synchronistic Sunday

This post definitely deals with spirit, manifestation and other things that make a starseed like me squeal with joy. Those without antenna to ethereal realms may not find this story quite as delightful.

This past Sunday was 02-22 ... in my numbers world this is a signal to the heavens (or maybe from the heavens) that anything is infinitely possible today.

The speed of the cycles of late is fascinating and at times overwhelming. But one shouldn't be surprised as its inherent knowledge that the Universe is expanding faster and faster. I use technology as a reference as it's sooo in the forefront. Apply that expansion formula to um, everything, and it's a wonder any of us even know who we are anymore!

If you're still asleep - unaware, unconscious - to your surroundings you probably just think time is going by really fast and may be oblivious to the subtle nuances occurring and available. Wanna change your life? Wanna change your perspective on um, anything? These speeding cycles are giving endless opportunities to grab hold and go a different direction.

To equate that formula into my life over the past couple of weeks, here's the lowdown ... or should I say the download, of what I was experiencing at times.

        - absolute feelings of despair
        - stuck in the same thought patterns I thought I'd cleared
        - unrest linking to childhood

What the hell? And it felt like hell too. My comfort level was no longer tolerable. Time to do something. So I did what any spiritual being would do and had a Card Reading. Go to the Source literally and find out from my guides what was going on and what to do about it. Enough.

I got my mind blown. 

Confirmation of my origins, abilities and some tall divine guy hanging around on my left.
I was taking photos of the Angel Card from the reading and had to take a couple shots changing up the angle as a shadow kept appearing when I clicked the shutter. I got home and looked at the photos from my camera. There was NO shadow... Validation of his existence? I'd say yes.
For a day or so afterwards I felt like I was wading through a thick emotional soup. It was the processing of so many realizations emanating through me.

A few days later my current fave YouTube teacher, Matt Kahn, uploaded a new video  A Message to All Lightworkers   Brilliant. All about how those of us in the First Wave of Ascension were no longer required to clear energy for the Collective Consciousness.
Well no wonder it had been hell, I was clearing crap on a global level! Oh the challenges of being a Lightworker... 
All we had to do was decide when we wanted to stop and we were free to move on. I love the simplicity of the Universe.

Synchronistically the next day while browsing my current fave FB teacher, Danielle LaPorte, she commented it's time to stop telling our 'story' and start to frame up our future. Which isn't a new concept - certainly one I'd long ago heard in counselling... Seriously, how long do you want to talk about your problems? Whatever you choose to give attention to grows, favourable or nah...

Time to stop pondering and healing wounds and get excited about what could be!  I spent the next few days ramping up my vortex with delicious dreams. What I have come to learn is to churn it up, Imagine It, Feel It, then sit back and let the Universe unfold. My spirit guides enlightened me with the knowledge that I like to control the outcome (okay I knew that) and I also believe I have to conjure all this up. Absolutely Not. Let go and allow stuff beyond your wildest dreams take place.

Which brings us to Sunday 02/22 

While having my morning cuppa and cruising Facebook, an Event catches my eye. My sister in law had shown interest in this. I messaged her. Wanna go? She's in. I register us. I start reading the details.

Holy mother of all things Source ... one of the facilitators is the very person whose name I'd thrown into the vortex barely a week ago requesting the opportunity to cross his path.
You can't request anyone to like you. It's that whole Free Will thing. Admittedly I've been slightly annoyed about it at times. The fact that other people have free will, that is... 
A few years back I'd manifested crossing the path of my first love. That took me a good 8 months to happen and when it did, it was in the grocery store after I'd been on a 2 hour hike, no make-up, hair pulled up in a straggly bun exposing my gray roots. Oh ya that Universe has a sense of humour. Guess I should've been more specific...

Ultimately what will be, will be, and I'm enjoying letting go and allowing the Universe to amuse me.

What is truly amazing is the speed of the request materializing. Cycles going faster and faster.
My son decides on an image for a tattoo. The next day he sees 2 guys with similar. Maybe not, he tells me - he doesn't want to be mainstream. Look at it the other way I said. The Universe just provided you with 2 visual samples to assist in your decision prior to getting inked. Cool, he says.

About an hour later I head out - a beautiful sunny February morning. As I'm driving I'm thanking the Universe and my dad's spirit (of course he's angling for me on the other side of the veil) for this amazing show of manifestation. Miracle really. I park oceanside enjoying my coffee and the magnificence of my city. I notice a seagull in the distance flying towards me. Closer and closer until it's barely 20 ft from my windshield. Holy crap, for a moment I think it's going to land on my hood! The bird veers and lands on the cluster lamp standard a dozen feet to my left.

It's my dad! My heart swells. This is his Victoria. This is what he so fervently loved. A cluster lamp standard graces the cover of his record Follow the Birds. Energy flows through me and like watching an old movie, I have flashes of so many wonderful family experiences. I grin from ear to ear and bubble and squeak inside. Over 20 minutes pass. I don't want to leave dad, you go first. Moments after the thought leaves my mind the gull flies off only to land 50 ft away in the water. My turn to go. I start the truck and wave goodbye.

See ya real soon Pops!

The Universe has overflowed my Cuppa Joy and it's barely 10 a.m.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Liars & Thieves

We have a family joke, of sorts, about liars & thieves.  

Meaning we consider ourselves liars & thieves

I was explaining this to a friend of mine a few years back adding that our family descends from the gypsies. Wow, really? he said. No, I replied. I just told you I was a liar.

The liars & thieves phrase stems from my Granny on my mother's side. She lived in the interior of BC at the turn of the century, her father being both preacher and hanging judge in a small town. Or at least that's the family story (perhaps the original lie...). Gran didn't care for the indigenous folks in the area, citing them as all liars & thieves. Well in the 1990s my husband at the time found this quite hilarious and took every opportunity to give my Gran a reason to regale stories of the barbarians and their repulsive behaviours. Yuck she'd say as she shook her head in disgust.

My stepfather, although of a different bloodline, really epitomized the liar portion. My mother would say Are his lips moving? Truth be told he was quite the historian and of great intelligence hidden behind a deadpan face just taunting you to call bullshit on the seemingly outrageous crap he was shoveling. Trivial Pursuit was not the game to play with him, though my brother and I would enjoy cheating should we find ourselves in said predicament. Liars & thieves, indeed.

Not long ago my son was heading out the door and we did the usual exchange. He returned barely 15 minutes later, certainly not long enough to do whatever he'd said he was doing.

Mom, I lied he said. I didn't have to, I'm not even sure why I did. In fact sometimes I just lie cause I feel like it.

Brought tears to my eyes. Love that boy.

I watched my stepfather beam with pride listening to another son answer my phone one afternoon.
No she's not available. Actually it's now Ron. I'm going through my gender reassignment surgery and it's going very well thank you for asking...

The thieving part is a whole other category and not quite what you think. It's more of a taking advantage of any available free stuff. One year my daughter and I made an attempt to fill each other's Christmas stockings with such items. It didn't really turn out as well as I envisioned. Chopsticks & wetnaps have no business in a Christmas stocking... just sayin'

One of my finer family experiences in thievery was definitely out of necessity. My daughter & I went to Disneyland for her birthday - my operating capital was slim in those days and a portion of our spending budget was in prepaid credit cards. Note to self - do not use Canadian cards in the States. Delayed transactions, funds frozen pending whatever... frustration and fear...

The night before we're to fly home I am literally counting pennies to cover all possible costs we'll encounter on the way. Magically the ATM gave me $20 ... thank you Angel of Desperate Moms. On the way back to our room after one-last-swim in the pool I noticed the wrapped leftovers on the neighbour's room service cart. I snagged a couple of bread items and a fruit cup.

I am hysterically laughing. So is my girl. We're being resourceful I say. Then she notices the absence of butter. Really?  But that beautiful face wants butter for her stolen bun and I oblige.  Game on!

Even my saintly mother has dabbled in the family farce. She is completely irritated by vehicle seat belt shoulder straps for a myriad of reasons (probably some psychological but she would never admit it).

When the nice police officer that pulled her over questioned the lack of shoulder belt use, she explained her recent mastectomy made it quite uncomfortable as the area was still quite tender.

Well played. I bow down to thee great liar mother of mine.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

In Goodness We Trust

Not long ago as I was walking home, having disembarked the bus (okay I'm stretching the use of disembark but I like the way it sounds) I was tapped on the shoulder by a young Asian woman. It was well into dusk and without my glasses I was struggling to see what she was trying to show me on her cell phone. As I fished my glasses out of my purse, she unfolded a typed letter.

My host family, she said, handing me the piece of paper. Stepping under a lamp standard amongst the foreign characters I could make out an address. How did you get here? I asked. She had approached from behind and I hadn't noticed her getting off the bus when I did. It was then I realized she couldn't speak nor comprehend much English.

Wow. There was no way I could leave this human being on a suburban sidewalk miles from where she should be. On the flip side, how could I present myself to be truthworthy enough to provide assistance to get her where she should be without completely freaking her out. What an interesting dualistic dilemma. Of course I had to help her.

I spoke loud and slow. My house is down here, I point. I'll google this address. You are very far from where you should be. I will take you there. The more I spoke the more panic arose in her face. I thought it might make her at ease if I laughed. But not too maniacally.

I brought her into the house, beamed on my Cadillac computer and with the miracle of Google maps found her host family's dwelling. A five minute drive away, I now find myself riding that fine line of cultural manners in my offering of a ride, in my black ghetto Ford pick-up no less, to the safety of her host family.

I remembered my experience trying to get to the Oakland airport a year ago and having to have complete trust in the intention of a stranger*. And seriously, shouldn't it be the norm?

                                    In Goodness We Trust

I delivered my lost human to the address and she was definitely most grateful. And I spent the evening really pleased with the 15 minute opportunity I was given to be an angel.

The next morning on the bus the driver went above and beyond to ensure a small human (around 8 or 9 years old) safely made it to the bus he should've gotten on, to the extent of involving the transit dispatch so the next driver was on the watch for the little guy. A passenger made a point of recognizing the driver's efforts. You could feel the kindness energy expand between all who shared the experience.

And that folks is where we're headed. The Fifth-Dimensional way of living, where we're aware of, compassionate towards, and in assistance to, one another.

Sweet Dreams

In God We Trust