Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Dancing with Pelé

I've always believed - respected - understood Mother Nature Rules. For sure, without a doubt, I bow down to thee o great Planet Earth of which I am a mere gracious inhabitant of your abundant beauty.

Which brings me to the conversation I had with a fellow Canadian on Manini'owali Beach on one of TripAdvisor's Top 50 Things To Do. It all started off well; we seemed of similar intelligence and lifestyle (though in hindsight she didn't have any tattoos ... two can play the stereotyping game). The conversation unfolded easily and it didn't take long to discover not only we were both Canucks but from the same PNW jewel.

The conversation led to the lava flow in Pahoa which had just forced its first road closure that morning.

MH  Misguided Human  lady on the beach
CJ  Cuppa Joy me

Okay, story time...  Besides how I generally feel about All Things I am in love with this Island and all she represents. I have watched the dance of Madame Pelé closely for the past few months in preparation for this pseudo-sabbatical. I became acquainted with her force when I first landed on her doorstep last January. I am energized by her zest. I hear her heartbeat, like a drum circle, in my mind. I smell her sweetness in the air. I spent a great deal of time on the lava field at Kalapana being One with the Elements. Incredibly rejuvenating and invigorating. Can't explain it.

On my first venture out, I noticed the addition of two 60 ft diameter circles of lava stones, one within the other. A small centre circle. Adorned with crystals. A stone altar to the right with offerings of fruit, vegetation, coconuts. There was a sign. Most intriguing.

A few days later when I was back out recharging my batteries, a local guy (kids nicknamed him Bobby Buzz-kill) asked me if I was aware of what this was. I welcomed his  knowledge. Things were ramping up!

Turns out it's a designated Starship Landing Area. The Kalapana locals are the Kingdom of Hawaii who are descendants of the Pleiades... the Seven Sisters...  Many UFO sightings have occurred here. This past June there was a Ceremony to declare the sovereign land home to the Star Visitor Sanctuary for the exclusive purpose of extraterrestrials to land and meet private citizenshttp://exopolitics.org/reinstated-kingdom-of-hawaii-to-create-extraterrestrial-visitor-sanctuary/

I have found my heaven. I am astounded. But wait, there's more!

Just so happens that this Ceremony took place on June 27th the very day the lava started to flow through the east rift to Pahoa. A later conversation with an 11-yr Puna native revealed there had been plans for a strip mall and other franchisee-type operations to be constructed which have now been withdrawn. Wow, wow and wow.

My personal portion of the story gets even more curious. As aforementioned I had been following the flow as given the significant impact on my plans. It just so happened that the flow stopped. Stalled would be the more technical term. On September 21 ... the Fall Equinox and International Peace Day (I myself took part in an online Global Meditation). So, um, that was pretty synchronistic

And there she stayed; stalled through threats of her sister element Hurricane Ana and time for me to have my children join me for Freaky Mom's version of Disneyland. Wasn't that fun throwing coconuts off the black cliffs into the 30' crashing storm waves?  I called mine Wilson, just for you Tom Hanks.

We left the area on the 22nd (there's That Number again). And on the 23rd Pelé gracefully started her dance again. Mahalo Mother Earth for allowing me to spend 17 (oh there's That Number again) days rebirthing in your womb...  ah geez, I just made myself puke in my mouth a lil bit   Quite the colourful painting of my passion for Puna.

So back to the Beach. The lady whom I thought shared similar ideals made quite the revealing remark.

MH   I don't know why they didn't just divert the lava. I asked and someone said because it would just wreck a different town. But different town is there? There aren't any others around. They could've just built a big ditch and directed it where they wanted.

Hmmm. I chose my reply carefully.

CJ   There is a cultural respect here for the Island. It's the people's belief this is the Dance of Pelé.
MH   Well I wouldn't live anywhere where they base decisions on spiritual ideals.

In the back of my mind I heard the words Choose Bood! and took the Siddhartha approach and practiced Tolerance. Deep breathing, count to 10, change the conversation.

Awhile later as she walked away, it occurred to me she's probably one of those scoffers who wouldn't think twice about taking lava home with them. Sigh.

My role as a lightworker continues... Good night Pelé

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