Saturday, 11 October 2014

And then it got weird...

Disclaimer (of sorts)  This post is written in Full Freak. If you start reading and it makes no sense and you think CuppaJoy's dun gone crazy then wait for the next wave of Ascension (you'll know when it happens) and come back when you speak Freak.  Love & light y'all  

PS when I previewed this blog it was 22:22 ... of course it was

Originally what caught my eye was the "Hunt for Puna 5" sign, thinking treasure hunt... what fun! Then I saw the HIPPIES USE SIDE ENTRANCE sign ... cause we're just not front door kind of people...  Of course the pièce de résistance is the house number 12-222 ...  The angels are with me. Mahalo Pele

Now to get down to business and talk about the energetic aka spiritual side of this Holoholo.

If you follow my blogs you'll know that I'm on a pseudo-sabbatical in Puna ... parallel, by a few miles, to the current lava flow heading towards Pahoa town. The energy here is full-charge.

It's Day 7 ... hey, didn't God create Earth in seven days. Hmmm, wake-up Tink, see the fractal? I just had the best day. Hard to describe the complexity of the sensation of the vibration level. It's not at all like you think. Is it ever?

I spent the first few days ill. Purging. Coming into vibrational alignment with the energy of the surroundings. The jungle is alive. Feeling insignificant in the face of Mother Earth - vulnerable to the volcano, the huge waves crashing against the sharp cliffs composed of hundreds, in fact thousands of years of accumulated lava. The newest earth there is (who said they're not making land anymore?) ... Hanging out here is like drinking alot of coffee but in a good way. Raises the vibration and you can't help be happy. Everyone smiles. Everyone is pleasant. When you vibrate at this level negativity doesn't exist. It's the most freaking awesome way of being. I highly recommend everyone try it. When you're ready.

The physical body feels alive with the salt water, humidity and kissed by the sun. It clouds over, rains for a lil bit, then the sun reappears. Hence the lush, enormity of the vegetation. The area I'm in was covered by lava in the 1950s ... amazing in only 60-plus years how mother nature has regenerated. Are you picking up what I'm laying down?

The first night I was here I met a fella at the drum circle. A native Hawaiian, born in Hilo. Had only been off the island 9 days out of his 46 years. Did not know where Canada was. Or was that the beer talking? Red Flag.... Nonethess a kind, gentle, generous and loving spirit. He was with his son, a cool, incredibly fit young man who was ... drumroll... 22.  As the conversation unfolded, I asked The Question. The new millenium version of what's your sign? May 9th.  Of course, a fellow Taurean and most likely Pleidian but we didn't get there. We seem to be migrating towards each other. Going back 20 or so years I never used to hang out or much come across many Taureans. These days it's magnetic.

Day 3 transitioning to Day 4   I woke hourly all feverish, itchy and sweaty ... shedding somewhat ... the prominent hummmm created by the jungle was a transmission in a language I didn't understand but that's what it was... a broadcast of vibration. Easiest to liken to listening to white noise. Your mind will start to interpret even the slightest variation and create patterns. Much like a random number generator I'm thinking.  The experience was unlike any other instance of being 'sick', aside from last fall in the middle of the night when I fainted in my bathroom and awoke to the feeling of a negative entity attempting to suck my energy body out of my head as I tried to crawl down the hall and back to bed. But that's another story...

Evening Day 5   90 minute Huna Healing Circle with Stewart Blackburn a local Shaman ... including a shamanic journey. Learning how powerful the mind truly is. Mind-blowing ... fitting term isn't it?

Morning Day 6   Lengthy walkabout the 'hood. Caressed by the sun. Fed by the land. Two hour individual session with Stewart  ... kinda looks like Santa ... While in conversation my attention fully focussed and I was present and connected to everything. How did I know this? His face morphed until there were only his eyes. Everything else around had swirled like those splatter paintings. I've had that experience twice before ... when I was last here ... It's like seeing intense auras on acid.

Whew. Then I attended a two-hour Dance Meditation class in the afternoon (see I See You blog). I felt so light and airy-fairy and where-do-I-end-and-you-begin in an energetic torus field way. Observer and participant to the spectrum of emotions of the collective, specifically the Aussie gal. I was her but not her in the linear sense. I felt and shared in her pain but I didn't absorb it. It was a supportive way. Nobody in the group went to her in a physical consoling way however it was very apparent we all were connected to the energy.

 I'm sure a few readers have jumped ship by now ...

Night Day 6  First night I've finally slept. My physical body rested. I've morphed. I've shed. I am in vibrational alignment with my surroundings. I got a night off from downloads.

Day 7  Today. Best Day Ever. Morning market (needed bananas). Awesome artist I purchased a beautiful amethyst and silver ring from last January was there. New Ring ... garnet encased with silver. She's a beauty. Those that know me know I love my rings... Synchronicity abounds...

Went to Robert's for the afternoon. Fabulous opportunity to reconnect with him prior to the arrival of a Retreat group from Ramshala where everything began for me. The tour of Seaview Eco-Epicurian Waterfarm was everything and more in a sustainable community. The flow of energy, stellar communication, local food prepared with love, blessed and crystal-infused water, real herb tea ... I'm talking fresh whole herbs steeping in the tea.

My inner angel voice is singing. When I got back to my sanctuary it occurred to me that my vision was extended beyond the range of my eyesight. This is a concept difficult to explain in third-dimensional speak. Those who speak Freak will get it regardless of if it's been experienced. It's knowing that anything is possible.

The harmonious balance of all that is. How blissful this world is. The stage for connecting with my beloved Universe beyond my imagination is here. Time bending is more than apparent here; the linear sense of time is gone replaced by a moment by moment existence.

Tomorrow morning is Ecstatic Dance ... gonna ramp it up another notch. Can't wait to mesh with the other starseeds. 

Find your happy place. As my son loves to say ... You're doing it Peter!

Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

Can't recall what website I was on but the counter on the bottom caught my eye.
17 (another key number) 22 (The Number) and 52 (how old I am) ... coolness

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