Saturday, 29 June 2013

AH HA [a-ha]

Part of Speech  positive
Definition  uplifting
Synonyms  Connection, Click, Clue, Discovery, Divine intervention, Epiphany, Eye opener, Manifestation, Prophecy, Revelation, Switch, Tip, Unveiling, Vision

1   an appearance or manifestation, such as a deity.
2   a sudden, intuitive perception or insight into the reality or meaning of something usually initiated by some seemingly insignificant, or commonplace occurrence or experience.
3   an instance presented, usually symbolically, creating a moment of revelation and insight.

Whatever holds true for you, this is it. This is when its happening.

It is my belief when we have these moments that's when we are aliged with the universal grid of collective consciousness. Whew. That's a mouthful.

How bout this. It's a sticker I found in a crystal shop last week.
Retrofit Obsolete Mental Constructs

There's one to ponder...

For those in need of a translation Question everything. Let go of old beliefs that no longer support your overall wellbeing.


The sheer beauty, simplicity and synchronicity of existence continues to amaze me.

I arrived home from work and to my delight my latest order from Amazon had arrived. I set myself up to bask in the sunbeams on my deck, ready to receive messages lying within Archangels & Ascended Masters.

I flipped open the book, then thought I should see what's listed in the contents. The book seemingly of its own mind, opened to Archangel Michael. Awww... Michael. One of my favourite movies is Michael portrayed by John Travolta. The concept is so heartwarming. Although he drinks beer, smokes cigarettes and farts, he also smells of cookies, loves pie, and conducts his actions from the heart. Michael's comment "I'm gonna miss the earth so much..." resonates deep within me. We are privileged to have an earthwalk and experience all the physical world has to offer.

I read the section about Archangel Michael... switches flick on and off. Things literally click. My week had felt like a series of crusades ultimately culminating in an almost miraculous result. My energy had been sapped by these events and personal doubt had crept its way back in. Hot flashes, non-existent for a few months, had been reoccurring throughout the past few days...  And here it was.
"...Michael is a fiery energy and his presence is enough to make you sweat. I've had a number of female students tell me that they thought they were having menopausal hot flashes until they realized they'd just invoked Michael and it was his presence that created all the heat..." (excerpt Archangels & Ascended Masters, Doreen Virtue)
WOW - Michael had fueled my actions, in alignment with my life purpose of creation. I had found a way to create my visions for the overall betterment of my workplace. What I thought had been of week of fighting, a step backward of sorts, was indeed necessary to move forward. Paradox for sure. Whew. This being a Lightworker has alot to it.

Then... completed elated by the affirmation of my actions... I realize the page number of Michael's section is 33. Of course, I think. My world is filled with double numbers to the point I sometimes ask the angels to cut it out as I'm distracted on a daily basis by the synchronicity that continually reveals itself. (blogs on double numbers coming!)

I soak up the sun rays enveloped with feelings of incredible peace, gratitude and bliss within my heart. As I gaze upwards I receive the most incredible show. An eagle soars above me, singing, swooping, riding the airwaves. Spectacular. Thank you.

My family arrives to share a meal. Our conversation is lively, hearty - an exchange of ideas and feelings - an atmosphere of hey, this is what I know, what do you know? It's important to me to create - as best as I know how - a harmonious, safe, loving home.

I share my Michael story... which leads to sharing a recent story about a Raphael and one of my sons who lives in another part of the country. We all revel in the coolness of the universe.

As I'm heading off to bed for the night I get a text from this son...

Son  Hey you know what i can see right now n just realized what it is... northern lights!
Me  Fantastic! Describe it please
Son  Oh its pretty faint. havnt seen since october came out for a smoke n seen and remembered you want to see them. kinda looks like when you see rain clouds droop down but light green and scattered thin clouds. they are pretty neat.
Me  (our bdays are in May) green is the may birthstone. And the colour vibe of the angel Raphael
Son  I work with a polish guy named rafael and was supposed to move into his place tomorrow but i'm not ... weird tho?!

Beautiful I think. Thank you.

Five minutes later, I flick on the tube. Jimmy Kimmel. That's light, entertaining. His first guest... John Travolta. Mind blowing continues. I lie on my stomach overwhelmed by the love of the day, my life, mother earth... warmth circulates my feet and I feel Michael gently stroking the underside of my right foot.

My sense of gratitude and awareness has risen exponentially.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I find myself in a somewhat awkward position when explaining my life.

New tenant moves in... meets the obvious outgoing partner... assumes it’s my husband and probably the father of my children... I have yet to give an explanation...
I have 2 ex-husbands, 3 boys by #1, 1 girl by #2, and the guy on his way out was my partner of 6 years... and I’m not that kind of girl. Sigh.
And then I realize, perhaps I am... So what. Damn, I’ve had a fine life, full of adventure, experiences and run the gamut in many facets of life.

This is my path. I embrace my inner gypsy.

Gypsy traits: 

nomadic in many ways... jobs, partners, homes, friends
colourful in many ways... gestures, clothing, speech, laughter
liberal in many ways... open-minded, inviting, exploring
fearless in many ways... challenges, relationships, life

The Haagen-Dazs Principle

This type of man-behaviour is a definite deal-breaker. This happened to one of my besties and we use it as a measure of he’s just not that into you-ness.
The marriage is on the rocks. In an effort to rekindle she dresses in his favourites of her provocative clothing. They have passionate sex in the living room, soft music in the background, the scent of vanilla candles piques their senses. Afterwards she invites him to the bedroom. He pauses. I’ll be there in a minute he replies. Oh... and off she goes. A half hour later she returns to the living room to find him asleep on the couch, an empty container of Haagen-Dazs ice cream beside him...
He's oblivious to the message his actions have sent.
It’s the principle you self-serving, unaware human. They divorced not long after.