Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Dancing with Pelé

I've always believed - respected - understood Mother Nature Rules. For sure, without a doubt, I bow down to thee o great Planet Earth of which I am a mere gracious inhabitant of your abundant beauty.

Which brings me to the conversation I had with a fellow Canadian on Manini'owali Beach on one of TripAdvisor's Top 50 Things To Do. It all started off well; we seemed of similar intelligence and lifestyle (though in hindsight she didn't have any tattoos ... two can play the stereotyping game). The conversation unfolded easily and it didn't take long to discover not only we were both Canucks but from the same PNW jewel.

The conversation led to the lava flow in Pahoa which had just forced its first road closure that morning.

MH  Misguided Human  lady on the beach
CJ  Cuppa Joy me

Okay, story time...  Besides how I generally feel about All Things I am in love with this Island and all she represents. I have watched the dance of Madame Pelé closely for the past few months in preparation for this pseudo-sabbatical. I became acquainted with her force when I first landed on her doorstep last January. I am energized by her zest. I hear her heartbeat, like a drum circle, in my mind. I smell her sweetness in the air. I spent a great deal of time on the lava field at Kalapana being One with the Elements. Incredibly rejuvenating and invigorating. Can't explain it.

On my first venture out, I noticed the addition of two 60 ft diameter circles of lava stones, one within the other. A small centre circle. Adorned with crystals. A stone altar to the right with offerings of fruit, vegetation, coconuts. There was a sign. Most intriguing.

A few days later when I was back out recharging my batteries, a local guy (kids nicknamed him Bobby Buzz-kill) asked me if I was aware of what this was. I welcomed his  knowledge. Things were ramping up!

Turns out it's a designated Starship Landing Area. The Kalapana locals are the Kingdom of Hawaii who are descendants of the Pleiades... the Seven Sisters...  Many UFO sightings have occurred here. This past June there was a Ceremony to declare the sovereign land home to the Star Visitor Sanctuary for the exclusive purpose of extraterrestrials to land and meet private citizenshttp://exopolitics.org/reinstated-kingdom-of-hawaii-to-create-extraterrestrial-visitor-sanctuary/

I have found my heaven. I am astounded. But wait, there's more!

Just so happens that this Ceremony took place on June 27th the very day the lava started to flow through the east rift to Pahoa. A later conversation with an 11-yr Puna native revealed there had been plans for a strip mall and other franchisee-type operations to be constructed which have now been withdrawn. Wow, wow and wow.

My personal portion of the story gets even more curious. As aforementioned I had been following the flow as given the significant impact on my plans. It just so happened that the flow stopped. Stalled would be the more technical term. On September 21 ... the Fall Equinox and International Peace Day (I myself took part in an online Global Meditation). So, um, that was pretty synchronistic

And there she stayed; stalled through threats of her sister element Hurricane Ana and time for me to have my children join me for Freaky Mom's version of Disneyland. Wasn't that fun throwing coconuts off the black cliffs into the 30' crashing storm waves?  I called mine Wilson, just for you Tom Hanks.

We left the area on the 22nd (there's That Number again). And on the 23rd Pelé gracefully started her dance again. Mahalo Mother Earth for allowing me to spend 17 (oh there's That Number again) days rebirthing in your womb...  ah geez, I just made myself puke in my mouth a lil bit   Quite the colourful painting of my passion for Puna.

So back to the Beach. The lady whom I thought shared similar ideals made quite the revealing remark.

MH   I don't know why they didn't just divert the lava. I asked and someone said because it would just wreck a different town. But different town is there? There aren't any others around. They could've just built a big ditch and directed it where they wanted.

Hmmm. I chose my reply carefully.

CJ   There is a cultural respect here for the Island. It's the people's belief this is the Dance of Pelé.
MH   Well I wouldn't live anywhere where they base decisions on spiritual ideals.

In the back of my mind I heard the words Choose Bood! and took the Siddhartha approach and practiced Tolerance. Deep breathing, count to 10, change the conversation.

Awhile later as she walked away, it occurred to me she's probably one of those scoffers who wouldn't think twice about taking lava home with them. Sigh.

My role as a lightworker continues... Good night Pelé

Friday, 24 October 2014

Welcome to the Jungle

It's been an interesting time. And it will continue to unfold in many more twists and turns I'm sure...
What's most noticeable is the acceleration. I see and feel it everywhere. Welcome to the Jungle indeed.

Which begs the question ... what is Your Jungle?

I'm sure as sugar finding out what my preferred is. I spent 17 blissful nights in the lower Puna jungle. And by blissful, I mean peaceful. It wasn't a big joyfest by any means, and yet it was ... I rode a roller coaster of emotions I invited in. Comparable to being on Survivor in many ways ... tribe name  PunaTics 

I'm now on the west side of the island Kona. One of the Puna tribesmen told me the Big Island is like a brain. The west, Kona side, the left-brain: linear, corporate, duality at its finest. The right side is represented by Puna: lush, creative, loving, energetic. Clearly my world.

So here it goes ... lil bit of a rant ...

This area represents pretty much everything that goes on in the world today that I am not in alignment with - and frankly - it disgusts me. And I can't fake it.

I have this theory about the zombie TV shows and movies (who's creators are obviously reptilian). People, can you not see how in your face they are?? The zombies are the mass of people now  SHEEPLE  
Those of us in this first wave of ascension are the survivors on these shows trying to stay alive! Only we're really the lightworkers trying to get others to Wake The Fuck Up!

My zombie-time-is-now philosophy is majorly evident around me. Do I laugh at the absurdity? Inside my heart cries for the evident mass injustice of this third-dimensional paradigm.

To get through the next five days (yes you heard it right), I've found a space for myself where I can spend a portion of my day removed from the deluge of distractions and be one with the exquisite surroundings that somehow get missed   Could it be all the pretty colour merchandise below the neon flashing signs?

I went from waking up to the calming sounds of Mother Nature to invasive man-made madness. It is a jungle out there ... and this jungle is much more frightening and unsafe than the one where my heart sings.

Silly Survivor Stories to come!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Living on the Edge

I've used this term for many years in describing my earthwalk though more so in a figurative way. My much-loved stepfather added to it.

If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space

It would seem I've found myself literally living on the edge.

Lava to the left of me, Hurricane to the right, here I am stuck in the middle in Puna...

Even though it's only one in the afternoon here I've poured myself a glass of lemonade, club soda & Pinot. My chores are done, I've been for my morning walk, stretching, did a bit of tidy, went to the lava field for an hour of Mother Earth* energy, and now it's time to get my buzz on while I write and ponder my predicament.

See, not only am in a small, remote jungle community, two of my children will be joining me tomorrow... The mother bear protector in me does have concern for their safety. On the other hand, what an experience. This'll blow Disneyland out of the water!

Just over a year ago my daughter and I visited my son in Marina Del Rey for 5 days. While there we took a helicopter over to Catalina Island where we did some high-flying intense ziplining. Fantastic time but the weather was not in our favour. Cloudy, drizzling ... not the sunny expedition  we were hoping for. And it got worse. That night we got back to our hotel and there was a power outage which took out the California coast from Santa Monica to one-of-those-other-coastal-towns that escapes me and really doesn't matter anyway. Point being it was a blackout. It was also my daughter's birthday who was not impressed. We snuggled in blankets on our balcony and made the best of our situation with a bottle of wine. Well my son & I actually. Which didn't help the daughter-thing... But dang the scenario was amusing...

Not long ago my son likened this Hawaii vacation as an expanded version of our last trip.

Son! What have you done...

He was comparing the helicopter to airplane, and Catalina Island to Hawaii. The Universe has answered and that cloudy day and blackout in LA has manifested into Hurricane Ana.

In an esoteric way, I congratulate you my son. Well played. Therefore I'm grateful you will be here for your sister and I. Fellow Taureans along for the experience. And we've had a few, the three of us.

At least we'll be able to get to the other side of the island as the lava won't be crossing the access road for another week or so... More wine for mother!

Stay tuned folks to see how this exciting chapter unfolds.

The orbs will take care of us

Saturday, 11 October 2014

And then it got weird...

Disclaimer (of sorts)  This post is written in Full Freak. If you start reading and it makes no sense and you think CuppaJoy's dun gone crazy then wait for the next wave of Ascension (you'll know when it happens) and come back when you speak Freak.  Love & light y'all  

PS when I previewed this blog it was 22:22 ... of course it was

Originally what caught my eye was the "Hunt for Puna 5" sign, thinking treasure hunt... what fun! Then I saw the HIPPIES USE SIDE ENTRANCE sign ... cause we're just not front door kind of people...  Of course the pièce de résistance is the house number 12-222 ...  The angels are with me. Mahalo Pele

Now to get down to business and talk about the energetic aka spiritual side of this Holoholo.

If you follow my blogs you'll know that I'm on a pseudo-sabbatical in Puna ... parallel, by a few miles, to the current lava flow heading towards Pahoa town. The energy here is full-charge.

It's Day 7 ... hey, didn't God create Earth in seven days. Hmmm, wake-up Tink, see the fractal? I just had the best day. Hard to describe the complexity of the sensation of the vibration level. It's not at all like you think. Is it ever?

I spent the first few days ill. Purging. Coming into vibrational alignment with the energy of the surroundings. The jungle is alive. Feeling insignificant in the face of Mother Earth - vulnerable to the volcano, the huge waves crashing against the sharp cliffs composed of hundreds, in fact thousands of years of accumulated lava. The newest earth there is (who said they're not making land anymore?) ... Hanging out here is like drinking alot of coffee but in a good way. Raises the vibration and you can't help be happy. Everyone smiles. Everyone is pleasant. When you vibrate at this level negativity doesn't exist. It's the most freaking awesome way of being. I highly recommend everyone try it. When you're ready.

The physical body feels alive with the salt water, humidity and kissed by the sun. It clouds over, rains for a lil bit, then the sun reappears. Hence the lush, enormity of the vegetation. The area I'm in was covered by lava in the 1950s ... amazing in only 60-plus years how mother nature has regenerated. Are you picking up what I'm laying down?

The first night I was here I met a fella at the drum circle. A native Hawaiian, born in Hilo. Had only been off the island 9 days out of his 46 years. Did not know where Canada was. Or was that the beer talking? Red Flag.... Nonethess a kind, gentle, generous and loving spirit. He was with his son, a cool, incredibly fit young man who was ... drumroll... 22.  As the conversation unfolded, I asked The Question. The new millenium version of what's your sign? May 9th.  Of course, a fellow Taurean and most likely Pleidian but we didn't get there. We seem to be migrating towards each other. Going back 20 or so years I never used to hang out or much come across many Taureans. These days it's magnetic.

Day 3 transitioning to Day 4   I woke hourly all feverish, itchy and sweaty ... shedding somewhat ... the prominent hummmm created by the jungle was a transmission in a language I didn't understand but that's what it was... a broadcast of vibration. Easiest to liken to listening to white noise. Your mind will start to interpret even the slightest variation and create patterns. Much like a random number generator I'm thinking.  The experience was unlike any other instance of being 'sick', aside from last fall in the middle of the night when I fainted in my bathroom and awoke to the feeling of a negative entity attempting to suck my energy body out of my head as I tried to crawl down the hall and back to bed. But that's another story...

Evening Day 5   90 minute Huna Healing Circle with Stewart Blackburn a local Shaman ... including a shamanic journey. Learning how powerful the mind truly is. Mind-blowing ... fitting term isn't it?

Morning Day 6   Lengthy walkabout the 'hood. Caressed by the sun. Fed by the land. Two hour individual session with Stewart  ... kinda looks like Santa ... While in conversation my attention fully focussed and I was present and connected to everything. How did I know this? His face morphed until there were only his eyes. Everything else around had swirled like those splatter paintings. I've had that experience twice before ... when I was last here ... It's like seeing intense auras on acid.

Whew. Then I attended a two-hour Dance Meditation class in the afternoon (see I See You blog). I felt so light and airy-fairy and where-do-I-end-and-you-begin in an energetic torus field way. Observer and participant to the spectrum of emotions of the collective, specifically the Aussie gal. I was her but not her in the linear sense. I felt and shared in her pain but I didn't absorb it. It was a supportive way. Nobody in the group went to her in a physical consoling way however it was very apparent we all were connected to the energy.

 I'm sure a few readers have jumped ship by now ...

Night Day 6  First night I've finally slept. My physical body rested. I've morphed. I've shed. I am in vibrational alignment with my surroundings. I got a night off from downloads.

Day 7  Today. Best Day Ever. Morning market (needed bananas). Awesome artist I purchased a beautiful amethyst and silver ring from last January was there. New Ring ... garnet encased with silver. She's a beauty. Those that know me know I love my rings... Synchronicity abounds...

Went to Robert's for the afternoon. Fabulous opportunity to reconnect with him prior to the arrival of a Retreat group from Ramshala where everything began for me. The tour of Seaview Eco-Epicurian Waterfarm was everything and more in a sustainable community. The flow of energy, stellar communication, local food prepared with love, blessed and crystal-infused water, real herb tea ... I'm talking fresh whole herbs steeping in the tea.

My inner angel voice is singing. When I got back to my sanctuary it occurred to me that my vision was extended beyond the range of my eyesight. This is a concept difficult to explain in third-dimensional speak. Those who speak Freak will get it regardless of if it's been experienced. It's knowing that anything is possible.

The harmonious balance of all that is. How blissful this world is. The stage for connecting with my beloved Universe beyond my imagination is here. Time bending is more than apparent here; the linear sense of time is gone replaced by a moment by moment existence.

Tomorrow morning is Ecstatic Dance ... gonna ramp it up another notch. Can't wait to mesh with the other starseeds. 

Find your happy place. As my son loves to say ... You're doing it Peter!

Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

Can't recall what website I was on but the counter on the bottom caught my eye.
17 (another key number) 22 (The Number) and 52 (how old I am) ... coolness

I See You

I find it interesting that as humans we base so much on what we see visually particularly in the case of others... the paradox being that we can't see ourselves.

Aside from a pocket mirror and a small bathroom over-the-sink mirror I haven't been able to 'see' myself all week. It's so ingrained to check our appearance; I've had to let go of caring about my visual presentation to the world and just be.
Which isn't that challenging for me ... often I'll go through the day and realize I haven't combed my hair or touched-up the morning's make-up job. Lil dangerous ... some days I'm sure I've frightened numerous people through the day...
Nonetheless I've endeavoured to be aware of my presumptions and what they say about me... I attended a dance meditation class yesterday.  A collection of women - the beautiful blonde Aussie, a short chubby redhead, a 30-somethings from New Mexico, a bookish-looking type from the Eastern states, two 50+ - one in a Hawaiian dress, the other in fitness gear (a little out of place in the jungle) and three men - two with shaved heads (one reminded me of my grandpa), and a rather Peruvian-looking, uber-hairy dude.

It was 5-Rhythms style ... Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness      The intention is to workout and meditate in the same breath ... life is energy in motion. What a fabulous way to move through one's own feelings. The music reflected each of the 5 rhythms and there were no specific moves leaving us to express independently. The facilitator brought us together at times forming a circle, dancing with a partner, and simply making eye contact with each other as we moved about the room.

As the class unfolded my perception of each individual changed ... greatly. The woman whom I'd labelled bookish was so expressive and playful in her dance. The short chubby gal had a beautiful voice and sang throughout ... sometimes squawking bird calls. All of the men were graceful and uninhibited and the Aussie, beautiful and seemingly put together ... unravelled to the point of sobbing uncontrollably as we reached the Stillness portion of the dance.

By the end of the class I felt connected to each person simply by sharing the experience of exposing our individuality; there had been no conversation. I have no idea what anyone thought of me or my expression but it's really none of my business.

I'm grateful for all these teachers who are showing me how to be present and let go of looking for a reflection of me in them. Meaning, would I have changed how I dressed, how I danced based on how others reacted to me... not one iota ...

I'm tasting true freedom and I like it ... alot.

Off to the morning market. I'm out of bananas.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Paradise is a state of mind

Day 5 of my holoholo ... and I'm so grateful to have been in this wondrous place to be absolutely sick ... that's right, all week I've been uncomfortable and majorly ill. Yep I guess my energy body is purging some pretty toxic stuff I've been hanging on to.

Day 1 was travelling the 2500 miles. Day 2 I allowed myself to do nothing. Just be. Rest. Relax. Which was good as I was not acclimatized and was succumbing to the humidity. All possible insects were revelling in my profuse sweating and by the day's end I was seemingly bitten from neck to toe (thank God they left my head and face alone ... that really gives me the heebie-jeebies). My puffy feet and hands amplified the itch. Sleep eluded me ... I was disoriented by the time change ... and compelled to keep a sheet over me to ward off mosquitos in spite of stifling underneath.

The morning of Day 3 I thought I was going to go out of my ever-lovin mind... I was hot, bloated, itchy and tired. The bed was like a board compared to the pillowy cloud-like cradle I'm used to slumbering in. Seriously ... this is paradise? The thought ran through my mind to call the fam Abort mission! Instead I headed off to find some bug repellent and itch relief. I dampened a towel and shoved it in the freezer for my return.

Town is only 9 miles away ... and when you take a direct route it's really quick; at least I was becoming oriented with the area. I got my repellent and itch relief; I also bought a map.

On the way back home I stopped in and booked myself a massage at the spa down the road. As the day progressed I realized I wasn't just sweating from heat & humidity ... I was feverish. In fact my throat was a bit sore and my breathing a little laboured. I kept my sunny side about me and thought okay if I'm going to be sick might as well be here.

The thing is, I don't get sick. I've taken great lengths over the past 18 months, by way of a personal experiment, to keep my body balanced. I eat well, drink lots of blessed water, do my daily qi-gong and EFT (tapping) and whole-heartedly embrace the belief that I am an energy in a physical form. Thus if I don't feel well it's an indicator there's an imbalance within my being.

Hmmm ... something is definitely going on. By Day 3 evening all I could do was lie on the floor (cooler there and less chance of bugs) and rub cold cloths and ice-packs over my bitten body.

Morning of Day 4: tragic. It's okay I told myself ... let things run their course. I was glad I had booked the massage and made that the only thing I was going to do all day. Not that I could've done much more. I was so feverish and frantic by appointment time, it was probably difficult for the masseuse to tell what was sweat and what were tears. I'm such an over-crier ... the moment I'm distressed it's right back to childhood and on come the water works.

Having my body caressed allowed me to relax and soon the inner storm had subsided. Lovely. Peaceful. Once home I nurtured myself with lots of water and a couple of bags of candy I had picked up when I got the bug stuff.

I tried to keep comfortable but it became increasingly more difficult. Within a few hours I felt like I had the crap kicked out of me. It was near impossible to sleep that night. I woke hourly achy and distressed, hobbling to the bathroom to pee since I'd drank so much water... Cursing at my situation, wondering what the hell was I doing and why my beloved universe had seemingly turned on me.

Morning Day 5: I was grateful to have gotten through the night and even felt a bit of joy noticing the amazing Hawaiian sunrise. I was certainly feeling much better and did a few qi-gong movements to loosen up my stiff body. Well, well, well ... fast-track to moving forward. Having such a quick recovery certainly supported my beliefs about the energy body and I resolved myself to the fact that being sick was in fact a good thing and I was indeed healing. And I had climatized ... no longer puffy and bloated. Yay me!

I started my morning routine ... comb the hair, brush the teeth, looked at my face ... WTF!!  My left eyelid was swollen; I looked freakish. Seriously??? The thought of whatever bug it was that had the audacity to land on my face and suck the blood from my near-eye gave me the complete willies and burst any kind of bubble I'd formulated.


Paradise truly is a state of mind...

Tuesday, 7 October 2014



I really wanted to label my retreat-from-routine a Sabattical cause I think that's a cool word but technically, a Sabattical is a span of time measuring two months or longer. My almost 4 weeks doesn't qualify. Next time.

The day finally arrived and I transported 2500 miles to an isolated world in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Destination: the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii. Barely two months ago Hurricane Iselle roughed up the area and currently the dance of Madam Pele inches lava towards Pahoa town. A catastrophe unfolding in slow motion. Life will change again in this magical part of the world as it always has and always will.

I love flying. I think everyone should have the opportunity to gaze upon Mother Earth from 30,000 feet. I’ve made a personal vow never to be blasé about the opportunity to soar above the clouds to get the perspective on how insignificant and vulnerable we humans truly are.

I've planned for the 5 hour flight. I got snacks, slippers and one of those fancy airline digi-players overpriced at $10 (ah heck, I love the gadgets ... of course I had my complimentary Hawaiian Mai Tai too).

Watched the latest Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore flick “Blended”. Shame on you both. What a commercial grab. Although they try to pass off some wholesome, loved-based message, the setting is a trip to Africa … for the elite. A freakin’ Disneyland-style African experience. Holy crap, why would you flaunt your opulence in a continent where folks don’t even have clean water.

At one point I notice a rainbow on the aircraft ceiling… Mr Sun shining through the window has created a polygon rainbow shape. Delightful. Not long after, glancing out the window, the Sun made similar rainbow effects on the clouds below. The colours were intense and vibrant. One little patch was fiery pink. Spectacular. Thank you

The flight goes without mishap and just like that, I’m surrounded by black lava, lush vegetation and holy crap it's hot. Sauna-like. My rental car is a sleek, black Nissan Sentra. Score! And off I go. But I only vaguely know where I’m going. How hard can this be? There aren’t many roads, I’ve been here before. Other side of the island here I come.

What I hadn’t planned on was the lack of signage. In my world every sign will include Puna, Hilo, Pahoa or something of reference to my destination. Not just Pukumakahalo street... Aaarrgh! I took every possible wrong turn, backtracked several times, stopped for directions when I finally found some form of civilization ... but that was rare ... we’re talking uniunhabited here.

Finally got myself over the hump ... Saddle Road ... runs between two volcanoes ... and just like that the fog hits. I slow down. Without realizing it, I'm speeding. Not because I'm heading downhill, but because I'm Canadian and I drive kilometres. I have to keep reminding myself this speedometer is in miles. The car is so damn smooth it really only feels like kms... Hang in there ... little lower altitude the fog will lift, I keep telling myself . And it does. Alrighty then. Making progress.

Ultimately for every bit of progress I would make, not long after I'd make another wrong turn or think I'd gone too far and turn back. It was getting dark and it's jungle-like. And I guess I wasn't really paying attention when I was here last time...

I finally make it. Hallelujah. I check the door. It's locked. No mailbox. No cell service. Crap. Well I'm having a bevy. That was stressful. I pull out the 'merican version of apple cider. Angry Orchard. Oooo. Tittilating.  Really? it's not a twist-off. Now I'm angry. Another challenge. It's okay, breathe, I'm here. Holy crap. I did it. I'm here. And I will get this open.

Hmm what can I use. People have used lighters. I try my flashlight. Line up the edge. Give it a pop. Ouch. skinned my knuckle. Okay try again, that loosened it. Nuts! knuckles again. I turn the flashlight on my hand. I'm bleeding. I'm hurt and I'm getting desperate. I try the edge of the metal patio chair. Woohoo. Cider spills all over the cement patio. I guzzle. I grab a tissue from the car for my knuckles.

I figure I'll go down to the community park. A drum circle was in progress as I passed by. My phone should work there and I can call my rental contact. Beautiful night. Warm. In spite of my harrowing drive I'm joyful. Sure enough my phone works. I leave a message for the contact and decide to mingle and enjoy some human contact.

An hour later after chatting up a coupla local fellas, I figure I'll head back up to my treehouse and see if she's there. No call received. I'm pooped. The 3-hour time change, early awakening hour, 3-hour drive ... it's all catching up. And I get lost again. I can't even keep my wits about me when I'm walking...

Seriously? Not here. I consider how I might break in. Then it occurs to me. There's a mat outside the door. Lift the mat. Ah ha! A key. Wonderful. I'm in. I'm elated.

I'm an idiot.

My sore knuckles are a blatant reminder how easily distracted I can get. Why hadn't I clued in earlier? My sense of silly embraces the day ... truly a journey without a destination.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The People on the Bus

I've been utilizing the public transit system of late. In my usual style I fought, kicking and screaming into change. And once I released resistance and relaxed into the adventure part of my routine disruption, it's okay. Because we can't be anything but okay.

I live in the suburbs. I work in the city. Albeit on a small scale compared to some areas - my drive to work was typically 15 minutes and some days I'd only hit 3 or 4 red lights - parking is a major problem of a reptilian nature. It's not the fees - though what is available is ridiculously overpriced - parking just doesn't exist.
Parking in itself is about the biggest capitalist scam goin'... A self-perpetuating money grab. Charge people an exorbitant amount of which has no correlation to anything.
Here's a thought... how about a structurally balanced, self-sustaining service where everybody wins. It can exist.

What space was available has rapidly diminished leading many commuters to creative and desperate measures including the block game. Every hour to 90 minutes numerous staff deek out of the building to shuffle their vehicle around the block seeking another limited safe zone. I played for awhile, not a bad thing really, gets you up and moving, fresh air and all. Pop in at the store, grab a coupla licorice (usually 4 red, 2 black), lotto tickets if it's Friday.

However being one to test the boundaries of prit near everything, it wasn't long before I accrued numerous tickets and thus succumbed to change.

Why haven't I done this before one might ask? The public transit stop is roughly 100 yards from my front door and drops me off directly across from my building. And the bus schedule perfectly matches my work schedule. I bow down and thank thee, my beloved Universe. Dare I ask for a covered shelter to be built before the winter rain comes?

Although I'm not ready to commit to a full-on bus pass, I do buy my tickets in lots of 10 for a minimal discount and I don't feel quite the bus-world-tourist as to put change in the meter. Every culture has its rating system.

It's been good for me in a spiritual opening of the compassionate heart kind-of-way, being exposed to this cross section of my world. Another push of out the comfort zone. I've observed patterns and people's routines. An unspoken awareness and camaraderie is present among regular riders.

I don't know where all this wide-spread fear, all too evident in the daily news, comes from? 

As I move about my day I'm exposed to a significant amount of humans who, like me, are moving about their day. Smile at someone and usually, delighted at the overture they smile back. Admittedly I 'plug in' with my Sony earbuds and lose myself in my tunes cause too many people want to talk...

I tell ya, the People on the Bus have restored my faith in humanity. Cause the best part of all ... as they disembark, 95 per cent of riders holler Thank You and acknowledge the driver who has safely delivered them to their destination.

It's a beautiful thing. Love is alive and well among the masses!