Wednesday, 19 February 2014

a wing and a prayer

magical crystal water

Part of my esoteric regime is drinking water blessed and enriched with crystals. Sometimes I tape a handwritten note on the side.  Love & Gratitude   Joy   
This kinda embarrassed my teenage daughter when her friends came over.

I found this magnificent decanter at Pier 1 Imports   everything is so pretty in there I can't stand it ... the commercials are true ... the stuff does talk to you!    I always check the clearance shelves, afterall who doesn't love a bargoon.  Found a crystal darling for only $8. It's even conical - think sacred geometry - with glass topper. I wash it, and the crystals, with only warm water and baking soda. The crystals get energized by moonlight and sunlight alternately, in a windowsill or the shrine created on my bureau complete with candles and Tibetan buddha statue.   thanks mom! she's so onboard

Anyway, as part of my commitment to experiments of a natural nature, I've been drinking my Joy water for many months now. It's delicious and satiating. There's an undeniable wholeness felt in your mouth. Sometimes ... I amp it up ... adding fresh lemon. Who doesn't want to stimulate liver regeneration? Am I right? Health-wise, I'm terrific. I'm thriving in fact. Thank you Source.

So I'm in a Mother Earth Esoterics R Us Shop picking out a meditation cushion. Which, by the way is the cat's meow. Love it. While making my purchase, the topic of crystals came up. I proudly revealed my crystal water routine.

KLH  Kind, loving human  shop girl
CJ  Cuppa Joy me

KLH  What crystals do you put in?
CJ  I have a few different combinations
KLH  You know some are toxic right

Say what?

CJ  Oh, no actually I didn't
Being on the path to enlightenment allows one to stuff the ego and expose the ignorance. She rambled off a few names of toxic crystals which I only remembered one. And now I can't even remember that one.

I did check out numerous crystal sites and ensured none of the crystals I've been lavishing in love and mother nature's elixir weren't secretly killing me ... slowly ...

yup, a wing and prayer

Note: the bestest masseuse-bodyworker-starseed I know, told me her mom referred to her as the most fucked-up angel she knew ... personally I find that a delightful term of endearment and kinda hope that's what my mom thinks of me


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

You're an Attractive Woman, however ...

At 45 I found myself, again, sitting on a counsellor's couch. Uugggghh. WTF. Seriously, what kind of a jackass was I in a past life? Not only was I most aware of this, my co-workers, albeit with love, also pointed it out. Repeatedly.

I was at a crossroads in a relationship and dealing with way too many children and ex-husbands. Got myself assigned to this counsellor-guy through the referral agency. Guess you get what you pay for. This was free.

Okay. I recognize the bitchiness but this dude bruised my ego. And that tender underbelly recognizes that Mr. Facesmacker's comments have proven invaluable as I've not forgotten ... and used them to thrust me forward.

FS  Facesmacker  very direct counsellor
CJ  Cuppa Joy me

My cupped hands holding up my weary head, tears rolling down my cheeks, I lament over the most recent crisis of my reality.

FS  I'm not buying it.
'Scuse me?
FS  I'm not buying it.

Doesn't even hand me a tissue. Focker.

I look up. Goddamn if he isn't right. At that moment I made the connection (ah-ha moment) on exactly how I was playing the victim. It was sooooo easy to see others playing the role but I hadn't recognized my own very special version.

I'm leaving from my 4th of 6 free visits (gratuities not expected. At least I don't think so. Though you'd be surprised at what services involve tipping).

FS  I can hardly wait til next week.
He's rubbing hands together with a bizarre, joyful smirk on his face.

OMG. Really? This is my life dude. Facesmacker. Focker.

FS  So, um, you're an attractive woman.
CJ  Thank you.
       Don't think I hadn't picked up on his sexual innuendos. 
FS  But in 10 years you won't be. So another 6 year relationship ... is that what you want? Cause that's where it's going. And the selection gets smaller. Many older men have relationships with younger women.

Wow Facesmacker. Tell me what you really think.

Fast forward 6ish years
Hmmm. Well Facesmacker was right about many things and ya I got it. I watched it all unfold. Over and over and freakin over again.


I still have a choice regarding the in 10 years comment.

I'm 3-and-a-bit years away from 55. The 10-year mark. And, Mr. Facesmacker, I am well on my way to looking absolutely fabulous. Stunning* actually. 
*see blog your name came up

Cause dude, I will be gracefully-strutting into your office and in my polished-toned voice ...
CJ  Would you say I'm an attractive woman?

And of many possible scenarios of what happens next, my favourite is -

FS  You're obviously a former client. And in need of services...

Haha. At times we choose to keep the veil on regardless of what may be blatantly obvious to the emotionally-detached observer.

Thank you Facesmacker

This Blog was written with loving thoughts of the hours of raucous laughter shared with my sista L and her beautiful daughter Shanny-anigans

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Milk of Human Kindness

My mother always referred to the Milk of Human Kindness which I assumed came from the teachings of my beloved Grannie, wild child daughter of a Canadian pioneer preacher. Or she read Shakespeare.

Nonetheless, fresh outta my Hawaiian Retreat, my first integration back into 3D reality found me waiting for a cab to take me to the airport at 5 a.m. My son had warned me not to leave the Oakland airport but being the adventurous type I was all over this. No problem. Motel 6 down the road. Hmmm.

Thankfully, I'd set my own alarm though the front desk clerk (through the voice vent in the bullet-proof glass) had offered a wake-up call. As I was lingering in the lobby (along with numerous people waiting for 5:15 am to check IN... say what?) I watched a slender figure, hood pulled down over eyes, dart from one side of the parking lot to another. The odd female slinked by. One wrapped in a towel... As time ticked by I was getting anxious, asking the front desk gal to call again, and again. Breathe, breathe, breathe. I was so close yet so far away. I could see the airport. Damn it.

YP  Young Person a gal who was checking in at 5:15 am 
BBA  Beautiful Black Angel   good samaritan
CJ  Cuppa Joy me

A young woman approached me.
YP  I could see if our driver can take you to the airport after we check in.
CJ  Yes. Please. Please ask.
Don't know what kind of 'driver' this is. I'd seen him come in to the lobby shortly before 5 am. Lots of gold. Huge watch. Chains galore. Dressed in all white. Pants around the thighs. Seriously, how do people walk like that? It's gotta be a challenge keeping the pants up. I foresee hip issues in the future of today's low-riding pant wearers...

A 300 pound black angel stood in front of me.
BBA  What's goin' on?
CJ  I just want to go home.
Tears were welling up in my eyes.
CJ  I've been waiting 45 minutes for a taxi. My flight is going to leave in half an hour.
BBA  I'll take you. I get my vehicle. My wife and I take you.

He pulled around, I hopped in. Within five minutes I was at Terminal 2.

BBA  There's good people in the world.
CJ  Indeed.

Now I was really leaking from my eyes.

CJ  Thank you. Thank you. You are so kind.

I thrust all the U.S. cash I had left into his hand as I leaned over the seat and hugged this gentle giant. His wife too got the full CuppaJoy huggin'. I have no idea who these kind folks are but I hope they felt as good about helping a stranger as I did as said recipient.

Ah the Universe. I kept Joy in my heart, trusting that all is well and let the Milk of Human Kindness flow (no doubt with a lil help from Grannie's spirit).

Saturday, 8 February 2014

I Love You Robert Kent

January 2013

Seemingly caught in a vortex of sadness I asked myself, with the basic assumption I would live until roughly 70 and I was nearing 51...
How Am I Going To Cope For Another 20 Years?
This asked without emotion and with complete knowing and acceptance of life happens, it is what it is. After all I was intelligent enough to logically accept, without a doubt, life will unfold with experiences completely out of my control.
Nonetheless I was faced with the question screaming inside.

How could I possibly endure life and try to eek out some level of happiness, joy, peace, content?

Moment of truth. There must be a way. A choice point was smacking me in the face.
How do you want to live? Guess what kiddo, it's all about you and how you choose to view your circumstances.

This led to a magnificent year of amping up my exploration of the spiritual and energetic realm.

Fast forward

MVB  Magnificent Vibrational Being   Robert Kent
CJ  Cuppa Joy me

January 2014

Robert Kent is the embodiment of my journey. I came across this extraordinary human when I spontaneously attended the Wellness Institute of Hawaii’s Come Alive Retreat. The warm energy of our initial communications set the tone for everything thereafter. I loved him instantly.

On arrival our group was welcomed by Robert and team in the gathering space at Ramashala. I was completely at ease and incredibly curious about what was in store.

We didn’t see Robert for another 5 days. After a mesmerizing Hawaiian speaker, Robert approached me addressing me by name (he remembered my name ... awww).
MVB   Karen you’re radiant.
CJ   He speaks my language.
MVB   Oh girl, you gotta move to Puna. That's how we talk here.

The day subsequently unfolded with a myriad of group interactions led by Robert exploring the vast surreal nature in Mackenzie Park more like Jurassic Park ... so so cool; all completely focused on all we were experiencing.

That evening we danced ecstatically. Robert appeared before me pointing to his eyes. We locked our gaze and placed palms together joining our energy fields. I experienced the most cosmic connection thus far in my reality. I was him, he was me. There was nothing tangible but us. Everything else was vibration. I had no sense of body but every sense of body. Energy buzzed from within my core whirling out my limbs, my head, my everything, in an exuberant, blissful physical expression.

I broke free, my mind in a frenetic whirl, desperate to comprehend wtf just happened.

MVB  That was pretty trippy wasn’t it? I just learned how to do that about six months ago.
CJ   Ya. I was mesmerized. I thought to myself, Are you God? and then I remembered No, we’re both God.

He laughed. We laughed. We talked about activating dormant DNA, global consciousness and the magic of Puna.

Most intrigued, I delved into the background of Robert Kent. Not only an active participant and local business entrepreneur in the Puna community, he is a renowned Canadian photographer and founder of the Compassionate Eye a not-for-profit organization committed to positive change globally.

What truly amazes me about Robert Kent (and I do have an enormous crush on this beautiful man) is that he revealed the answer to my screaming question.

He showed me it is possible to experience the perceived downside of our earthly existence and conversely thrive.

You see, three days after I met Robert Kent, he lost a son. I’m not aware of the circumstances nor do I find them particularly relevant. Bottom line, this human is experiencing one of life’s most crushing and debilitating scenarios, yet it hadn't crippled him. He could continue to be present and exude love and gratitude.

He didn’t know I overheard bits of his conversation with a friend calmly discussing this most recent event. Combined with my observations of his behaviours and overall presence, I feel Robert’s spirituality - belief in source and an open heart - is how to allow ourselves to relax into the duality of life and experience feelings of intense grief and incredible gratitude...

I Love You Robert Kent. Thank you for revealing the God within you.