Friday, 10 October 2014

Paradise is a state of mind

Day 5 of my holoholo ... and I'm so grateful to have been in this wondrous place to be absolutely sick ... that's right, all week I've been uncomfortable and majorly ill. Yep I guess my energy body is purging some pretty toxic stuff I've been hanging on to.

Day 1 was travelling the 2500 miles. Day 2 I allowed myself to do nothing. Just be. Rest. Relax. Which was good as I was not acclimatized and was succumbing to the humidity. All possible insects were revelling in my profuse sweating and by the day's end I was seemingly bitten from neck to toe (thank God they left my head and face alone ... that really gives me the heebie-jeebies). My puffy feet and hands amplified the itch. Sleep eluded me ... I was disoriented by the time change ... and compelled to keep a sheet over me to ward off mosquitos in spite of stifling underneath.

The morning of Day 3 I thought I was going to go out of my ever-lovin mind... I was hot, bloated, itchy and tired. The bed was like a board compared to the pillowy cloud-like cradle I'm used to slumbering in. Seriously ... this is paradise? The thought ran through my mind to call the fam Abort mission! Instead I headed off to find some bug repellent and itch relief. I dampened a towel and shoved it in the freezer for my return.

Town is only 9 miles away ... and when you take a direct route it's really quick; at least I was becoming oriented with the area. I got my repellent and itch relief; I also bought a map.

On the way back home I stopped in and booked myself a massage at the spa down the road. As the day progressed I realized I wasn't just sweating from heat & humidity ... I was feverish. In fact my throat was a bit sore and my breathing a little laboured. I kept my sunny side about me and thought okay if I'm going to be sick might as well be here.

The thing is, I don't get sick. I've taken great lengths over the past 18 months, by way of a personal experiment, to keep my body balanced. I eat well, drink lots of blessed water, do my daily qi-gong and EFT (tapping) and whole-heartedly embrace the belief that I am an energy in a physical form. Thus if I don't feel well it's an indicator there's an imbalance within my being.

Hmmm ... something is definitely going on. By Day 3 evening all I could do was lie on the floor (cooler there and less chance of bugs) and rub cold cloths and ice-packs over my bitten body.

Morning of Day 4: tragic. It's okay I told myself ... let things run their course. I was glad I had booked the massage and made that the only thing I was going to do all day. Not that I could've done much more. I was so feverish and frantic by appointment time, it was probably difficult for the masseuse to tell what was sweat and what were tears. I'm such an over-crier ... the moment I'm distressed it's right back to childhood and on come the water works.

Having my body caressed allowed me to relax and soon the inner storm had subsided. Lovely. Peaceful. Once home I nurtured myself with lots of water and a couple of bags of candy I had picked up when I got the bug stuff.

I tried to keep comfortable but it became increasingly more difficult. Within a few hours I felt like I had the crap kicked out of me. It was near impossible to sleep that night. I woke hourly achy and distressed, hobbling to the bathroom to pee since I'd drank so much water... Cursing at my situation, wondering what the hell was I doing and why my beloved universe had seemingly turned on me.

Morning Day 5: I was grateful to have gotten through the night and even felt a bit of joy noticing the amazing Hawaiian sunrise. I was certainly feeling much better and did a few qi-gong movements to loosen up my stiff body. Well, well, well ... fast-track to moving forward. Having such a quick recovery certainly supported my beliefs about the energy body and I resolved myself to the fact that being sick was in fact a good thing and I was indeed healing. And I had climatized ... no longer puffy and bloated. Yay me!

I started my morning routine ... comb the hair, brush the teeth, looked at my face ... WTF!!  My left eyelid was swollen; I looked freakish. Seriously??? The thought of whatever bug it was that had the audacity to land on my face and suck the blood from my near-eye gave me the complete willies and burst any kind of bubble I'd formulated.


Paradise truly is a state of mind...

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