Saturday, 20 September 2014

Good Day To See Clearly

Just as one would check the Daily Horoscope I've migrated to checking the Daily Tzolkin Calendar. Messages are based on the Galactic Tone and the Mayan Sun Sign for that day. Simplistic in nature, so even Third Density Humans can comprehende.

Like this one... Good Day To Sit On A Rock   My personal translation of that message is ~

Throughout the day I shall endeavour to recognize and dodge emotional hooks presented ... cause it ain't gonna be pretty if I stumble.
I can do it. When a situation arises I take that extra breath and remind myself to sit on the Rock.

Check it out

Today's blog however I have proclaimed Good Day To Have A Rant
(which I more diplomatically entitled Good Day To See Clearly just to hook you dear reader)

My eldest son and his wife went out for a rare evening with friends to a newly opened country bar in town. My boy, a cheery drunk, stepped outside awaiting the taxi they'd called. In one hand was the last inch of a beer - the establishment had not stopped him from taking it with him - perhaps it's a patio of sorts he thinks...

Within minutes he was approached by two policeman who'd been sitting in their car outside the pub. He was subsequently given a ticket for having open alcohol on the street. Seriously? They're cracking down he's told.

As he tells me this story I'm already thinking to myself what kind of horsecrap is this? Surely my tax dollars can be better utilized ...  What's their motto? oh ya, to Serve and Protect. Not sure which part is being fulfilled here.

But it gets better (on the ridiculous scale)...  He tells me how much the ticket is. It's $230

Are you freakin' kidding me?

How f-d up is our system that a mid-20s citizen exits a licensed facility, that has allowed him to leave their premises in an inebriated state with a bottle of their named brewpub beer in hand, where he is issued a ticket by waiting officers. He has cooperated fully in the minutes-long interaction.

You know try $20. He might feel the slap on the hand, realize, ya he perhaps could've been more aware. But all this does is royally piss everyone off by the utter ridiculousness of the penalty for the alleged crime.

How are people expected to respect, support and believe they are being well-served by a system such as this.

And don't get me started on the many other absurdities that are being shovelled to us by other governing bodies who continue to make decisions for the people at large that really satisfy only their own egoic agendas. Sheesh.

Time to go back to the Rock.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Let's Play Christ Consciousness!

The Game of All-Ages for All Ages

     an exciting game of skill & chance

Number of Players  INFINITE

Object of the Game  ATTAIN INNER PEACE  Christ Consciousness

Energies from different dimensions will inhabit a human form and play the Galactic Federation's Earthwalk: Duality and Density of the Physical Realm

Players move throughout this quantum matrix creating their moves and rules as they go. The only limitations are the ones players impose upon themselves.

A player's perception and related emotional vibration will determine the amount of Joy and Struggle experienced through each Earthwalk Incarnation.

On each Incarnate players will be provided opportunities to raise their vibration; evolving and expanding their consciousness and contributing to the global collective.

Prior to Re-Incarnation, players will set out specific goals and possible experiences that will provide the environments to learn the desired outcomes.

At the end of each Incarnate, players will consult with the Collective Counsel for assessment of the Earthwalk.

Players will continue to Incarnate until Christ Consciousness has been attained.

Christ Consciousness is the state of consistently vibrating at an emotional level of 800 or above when all you see around you is LOVE in every imaginable form.

Bring back family game night! 

Play Christ Consciousness

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Orbs in the 'Hood

An interesting phenomenon has been on the increase of late. Hold on folks, this blog is going full-freak.

I'm talkin bout Orbs. Energy spheres. Say what?

Here's my story. As I've been progressing on this spiritual journey and refining my vessel, synchronicity and other really interesting energy things have been on the increase. And it's never what I expect. That's how absolutely delightful the Universe is.

I have an unusual sense of humour. I find myself quite amusing. Those close to me don't find it odd for me to exhibit tears-down-the-face, loud-belly-laughing at something I've said or done.
Case in point, I'm cooking lentils, a staple of my plant-based regime. I'm relishing in the love I'm feeling just thinking about lentils and I wonder if it's Jewish dish. Then I realize, oh, I'm thinking about Barbra Streisand's Yentl. With that connection made, I'm full-on raucous laughter, grab the countertop for stability over my blondeness.
The family downstairs don't bother to 'check on me'. 

Over the past year I've started to notice an increasing number of Orbs in photos I'm taking with my sweet lil purple Nikon Coolpix. Good 'ole point & click. I'm fancy when I use the zoom.

And there they are. Amazing. I giggle every time I review my clickings.

I watched a documentary Orbs: The Veil is Lifting*. Fascinating and answered pretty much all my questions.

I have debunker friends which is fine. That's their reality and I've learned to respect that and not let their views take down mine. 

An interesting perspective on the photography I'm doing ... a portion of my photos would have to be edited for reproduction ... I'm talking Photoshopping the Orbs OUT ... I find this amusing. For years people have been Photoshopping things IN...

When snapping these I even noticed the Orbs on the camera screen just as the flash lit up the 10 feet in front of me. Wowza.

Phenomenon in a nutshell and practical terms: By making adjustments at the source - eating plant-based, meditating, laughing, observing, practicing forgiveness - it's like I'm tuning into higher frequencies and I can literally see more stuff.

And we're all being vibrationally uplifted by Mother Earth's current rattle & hum and the external bombardment of solar flares and magnetic storms. As above, so below. Yes, we're all part of the expanding Universe whether you willingly participate or not.  I find this amusing too.

Take a deep breath. This is fascinating and joyful. Put on your quantum cap and allow imagination and infinite possibility in your world.

Make your own CuppaJoy reality.

You can you know...

*I subscribe to Gaiam TV, a spiritual version of Netflix. I highly recommend it, however, much like Netflix the content isn't 100% available to Canadians and they've got some streaming issues to work out and app creations. Come on Gaiam! Feed us northern neighbours  (that's right spellcheck came up when I hit that 'U')

Saturday, 6 September 2014

What's Really Going On

I have a very dear friend. Saying dear somehow sounds rather old-lady-like but in the true sense of love, she's dear in the way her spirit is wedged, ingrained actually, in my heart.

To the core of my soul she says.
There's so many one-liners - in a myriad of voices - she's delivered over the decade I've known her, I could keep myself amused for hours just walking down memory lane.

She is freakishly talented. 

Not long after I first met her I told her she reeked of creativity. She called me gregarious. We had a mutual-respect love-on in the making. And of course her birthday is the 22nd...

We got together not long ago. Time I value greatly. Our conversations are always lively, raw - full of emotion - and brilliant, directly reflective of the amount of wine we've consumed. I feel like we feed off each other in the best way. Intellectually, emotionally, creatively matched. Hmm, that's not really true.

Truth is, in my reality, the only match we are is emotionally. We're both crazy - in a fabulous endearing way.

Intellectually and creatively this woman is a bubbling-over Source of Talent in All Things Creative. An auburn starseed. I've often wanted to live in her mind for just 5 minutes...

I went full freak* on her the other night. 

*Not freak in the negative reactionary programming   CuppaJoy? never!

She's very worldly and pays attention to politics, economics and global happenings. One aspect of why our friendship is perfection. I rely on her to fill me in. One less thing I have to keep track of I figure. She asked me my thoughts on the world-wide turmoil, appealing to my spiritual views.   high compliment - thanks friend!
I pondered and formulated the following. Pretty darn good overview I thought.

CGB  Creative Goddess Bestie  the divine Mrs M
CJ  Cuppa Joy me

CJ   Okay my friend. This is a little out there.
From an observer perspective, these are all distractions. Emotional events to get us hooked and not pay attention to bigger things. I think there's also a level of acceptance required. We are in the third dimension moving through the fourth towards the fifth. However the third dimension is all about duality. A harmonic atmosphere doesn't exist in this dimension. Sorry Miss America world peace is not yet attainable.
That's alot to process. But the divine Mrs M is from White Rock so I know she will get it.

CGB  So what can we do?
CJ  Ride the cycles. Pray. Meditate. Remember Power vs Force. One happy person can cancel out 10,000 naysayers. Resist getting hooked into emotional traps. Eat plant-based. Treat people nicely.

Throw off those third dimensional distractions!

Probably not the answer she was expecting. Like many of us waking up, she is pondering her experience. ah yes, life in the 40s, the kundalini brews

Cyclicle in nature, our complacency comes in spits and spurts. Like solar flares. Our attention gets diverted to different aspects of life. I see her coming into a cycle of growth. It is the Age of Aquarius afterall...

Allow it. Get in the flow and listen to the voice of Infinite Possibility

Cause what's really going on, is there are many reptilian distractions meant to fuel the voice of limitations. Once we grasp this simplistic yet incredibly complex concept, we can move beyond it and let all the freakishly great things we're capable of doing happen.

I love you man!