Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Living on the Edge

I've used this term for many years in describing my earthwalk though more so in a figurative way. My much-loved stepfather added to it.

If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space

It would seem I've found myself literally living on the edge.

Lava to the left of me, Hurricane to the right, here I am stuck in the middle in Puna...

Even though it's only one in the afternoon here I've poured myself a glass of lemonade, club soda & Pinot. My chores are done, I've been for my morning walk, stretching, did a bit of tidy, went to the lava field for an hour of Mother Earth* energy, and now it's time to get my buzz on while I write and ponder my predicament.

See, not only am in a small, remote jungle community, two of my children will be joining me tomorrow... The mother bear protector in me does have concern for their safety. On the other hand, what an experience. This'll blow Disneyland out of the water!

Just over a year ago my daughter and I visited my son in Marina Del Rey for 5 days. While there we took a helicopter over to Catalina Island where we did some high-flying intense ziplining. Fantastic time but the weather was not in our favour. Cloudy, drizzling ... not the sunny expedition  we were hoping for. And it got worse. That night we got back to our hotel and there was a power outage which took out the California coast from Santa Monica to one-of-those-other-coastal-towns that escapes me and really doesn't matter anyway. Point being it was a blackout. It was also my daughter's birthday who was not impressed. We snuggled in blankets on our balcony and made the best of our situation with a bottle of wine. Well my son & I actually. Which didn't help the daughter-thing... But dang the scenario was amusing...

Not long ago my son likened this Hawaii vacation as an expanded version of our last trip.

Son! What have you done...

He was comparing the helicopter to airplane, and Catalina Island to Hawaii. The Universe has answered and that cloudy day and blackout in LA has manifested into Hurricane Ana.

In an esoteric way, I congratulate you my son. Well played. Therefore I'm grateful you will be here for your sister and I. Fellow Taureans along for the experience. And we've had a few, the three of us.

At least we'll be able to get to the other side of the island as the lava won't be crossing the access road for another week or so... More wine for mother!

Stay tuned folks to see how this exciting chapter unfolds.

The orbs will take care of us

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