Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday morning Cuppa Joy

It rained last night. Like poured. Torrential. Huge drops. The dry ground literally sucked up Mother Nature's elixir.

This morning it is bright and sunny ... August has returned. There's actually a tinge of green to the dried up grass aka my lawn.

I poured myself a cuppa joe and logged on to start my day. Then I remember it's recycling day which usually escapes me hence I have a stockpile in the garage.
My theory is it's more efficient; the truck makes fewer stops on the route. Honestly, I'd be annoyed having to stop every 20 ft for 1 box. Somehow going 40 ft and picking up 2 boxes seems better.

Anyway, as I was placing the first of many bins at the curb, I saw a man with a shopping cart a few doors down. Ever since the recycling depot opened nearby a few years back, I've noticed folks frequenting our hood gathering refundables.
I brought out a bin of  'money' items (our family's sorting term).

CJ me  FH fellow human

CJ Good morning. You're welcome to these.
FH Why thank you. Aren't you kind this morning. 
CJ  Hey, we're all humans. Have a great day.

Next task: look online for anyone in need of a double bed. I have 2 to donate. Then call Big Brothers & Sisters and sign up for the next truck coming my way. I've got a sorted and boxed pile ready to share. I have a surplus of furniture which I'm delighted to pass on to an 'adopted' son of mine as he moves forward in life and has found a wonderful gal to create a home with.

I am grateful for all the stuff' I have. Hanging onto anything above what I need is a form of insanity. And I do like stuff. Especially the shiny things... however I have come to a place where if something no longer serves me perhaps it can serve someone else. We hang onto way too much stuff - materialistically and emotionally - and when we decide let it go, wow, the rush of energy radiating inside, the feeling of alignment and freedom of the spirit ...

Loving my Friday morning Cuppa Joy

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