Thursday, 15 August 2013

There's no place like home

click your heels together three times repeating there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home...

Home is a beautiful thing. Home truly is where the heart is. Home is that feeling of safety, comfort and belonging. Home has the familiar scent of, well, you.

I'm so happy to be home. Back to what I know, what I've created. No wonder it feels just right.

My circle tour of our vast, incredible, magnificent province visiting branches, leaves and fruit of the maternal-side of my family tree was a mind-blowingly beautiful experience.

All senses were on high alert. Talking, listening, hearing, seeing, touching, feeling.

Wow. Double wow. Connecting with family in the profoundness of Mother Nature. Pleasant random encounters with other humans enjoying what our collective consciousness has manifested here on Planet Earth.

I am inspired as to the level of consciousness, awareness, gratitude, appreciation and love that exists out there, beyond my usual world. How wonderful it is to step outside our normal and see what's going on and what other people know.

In the true sense of it is what it is I have considerable interactions to sort through that will keep me blogging and sharing insights for some time. I've always found human behaviour fascinating hence I love books, stories, movies. The downside is when emotion - um, specifically mine - is involved and being completely objective becomes a looming feat. I digress.

From a duality perspective (i.e. applying a judgement such as positive, negative) my experiences ran the gamut. All were valuable no matter what emotional, ego-based chord was struck within me.

I felt everything. Absolute love, joy, gratitude. Deep sadness and grief. Gathering, processing, reflecting on who are these people and who am I, and how do we fit. A real roller coaster.

Removing the polarity and looking through the it is what it is filter, I cherish every moment, every mile travelled. For me, there exists an undeniable familial bond. A true energetic connection of clan encompassing all that we are.

This pseudo-pilgrimage has been invaluable. I love all of you wacky, weird and wonderful peeps, and I'm damn glad to be home.

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