Wednesday, 4 September 2013


For many years now I have had a significant relationship with the number 22.
I don't call it my lucky number cause what is a lucky number really? This guy at work told me about his girlfriend playing her lucky numbers in the Lotto. He said to her one day, how are those numbers workin' for ya?  ha ha, burn!

But all callous humour aside, I was in my thirties when I started to notice the symbols my beloved Universe was sending.

Just about every month in the year has something significant that's happened on the 22nd and I believe that by the end of my earthwalk the calendar will be full.
  • my oldest son was born on the 22nd
  • my last day - unplanned - from a 20 yr job was on the 22nd
  • an interview was on the 22nd ... of course I got the job. I knew I was a shoe-in!
  • 10-yr bestie born on the 22nd
  • some too sizzling for publishing ... tee hee
  • at this point all but 3 months are spoken for

But wait, there's more!

  • first love-of-my-life ... when I was 22
  • my twins were born on the 2nd
  • my mom was 22 when I made my appearance ... which went unnoticed by me until my mom mentioned it on  my 44th birthday
  • 22 has been in phone numbers and addresses
  • guy at work brings me a can of cola; one of the minis ... 222 ml
  • at least 3 or 4 times a day when I glance at the clock it's something:22
  • endless license plates ... just last week as I approached a stop sign the license plate on the car in front of me was 222 MEH
  • Spirit Science - fantastic YouTube series - has 22 episodes; recent addition is numbered 22_2 and talks about cycles and riding it out instead of trying to force happy
The prominent appearance of 22 has felt endless at times. So I had 22 tattooed on my forearm. Must mean somethng ... but what? Well at times I'm baffled. And a lil blonde...

I've spent many an hour Googling 22 - numerology, symbolism, seeing repetitive numbers - my reality is that these are soothing messages from the Universe that All is unfolding as it should...

   Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming   (Dory, Finding Nemo)

And since I possess self-mocking capabilities, when I wonder what's with the frequency, I lovingly acknowledge I require constant reassurance.

22 is a Universe master number. Angels are all over it. And I'm not alone in this phenomenon. Many, many, many fellow humans share this connection.

Those aligned with 22 allegedly have the potential for greatness. Now there's pressure. Interestingly enough, I do have a strong drive to live up to my potential.
recent COMSULT*   You're quite the force.  I know, I said
And it's my own personal challenge; no skeletons in the closet fueling some egocentric need. Simply, I know I am capable, so I will.

Sometimes, in our human condition, we expect greatness to appear in a profound way. More often it's subtle occurring through continuous growth - living, loving, learning - a collective, well-rounded kind of success. At least that's my chosen take.

When put in a sink-or-swim scenario I've kept my head bobbing out of the water and am over-the-top grateful for every single freakin' experience regardless of how my ego saw the duality, aka the ole judgment scale.

This past year my knowledge bank has broadened exponentially. As I'm embracing the concept that I truly create my reality, 22 is becoming more and more visible because I've made it part of my truth, aka manifested, I am aligned with 22.

And I am making those subtle steps. Changing day jobs ... writing this blog ... heading down the path of endless possibilities. I've seen what I can create in a small way and I'm intrigued, curious and adventurous to test those waters and see where this all leads.

Mind bent? It's all what you choose to feel and believe, and it will appear.

To wrap up my affinity to 22 - more number phenomena comin - amongst many longtime awesome friendships I'm fortunate to have, there's a great couple I know who have now been married for longer than I'll ever be... Recently I found out that Mark does Doodles. When I perused his gallery on FB I noticed he'd done a special Doodle for their anniversary. Guess what? It was year 22! of course it was ...

*comsult   I proudly give credit to my daughter for this one
   A combination of a compliment and an insult

We're in the grocery store.

AD  Oh there you are, I didn't realize it was you. You looked so thin and pretty from behind.
CJ  I looked thin and pretty?! Thanks.

My vanity graciously took the com' and overlooked the 'sult part.

Time to publish: it's 11:22.  Sweet dreams.

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