Saturday, 24 August 2013

Say What?

I love hearing wrong. It's far more interesting.

My daughter and I decide to spend the afternoon at the beach. We head off to the market down the road to pick up the most fabulous sandwiches ever. I order mine on marble rye. It's just so pretty I can't stand it.

We get to the till. The cashier and I strike up a conversation.
CJ me  FC  friendly cashier AD  awesome daughter
CJ  We're heading to Peninsula Beach for a picnic. But not the nude beach  I say being silly
FC  Oh I didn't know there was a nude beach there
CJ  Oh ya... cheshire cat grin  Down one end but I've never been there
FC  Interesting. My daughter and I were just out there and didn't notice any nude beach
She looks at my daughter.
FC  Have you ever been there?
CJ  Thought bubble: say what? you're asking my 13 year-old if she's been to the nude beach?
AD um, no I haven't
FC  Well have a great afternoon

We walk away slightly confused. Then I got it. Ah-ha.
Friendly Cashier thought I said "new beach"... ha ha ha ha ha ha

I'm tucking my daughter in at night chatting away. She makes a statement about something which escapes my memory and not key to the funny part anyway...
CJ  Oh bologny  I say out loud
A puzzled look comes across her face.
AD  What?
CJ  Bologny
AD  Oh. I thought you said "Blow me"

That's a Hall of Famer.

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