Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Afternoon

Thankfully cloudy today allowing me to spend my last day of vacation happily blogging, cuppa joy (aka coffee) along with my vape (e-cigarette for those unaware) with the Sunday afternoon flick inspiring me to chat about cool, thought-provoking movies. Love these mind-expanding concepts and I am grateful to those talented humans who are able to bring their creativity to fruition and share!

I am engrossed in John Carter of Mars. Not only visually pleasing (hubba, hubba) John Carter has made an energetic copy of himself and teleported to Mars... With flashes to other lives and other goodies, in my opinion, this movie is cap A awesome.

I already blogged about Foster Gamble's Thrive... more of a documentary format and a definite Must Watch. Another model human... Tom Shadyac (former super-rich guy). I Am* profiles Tom's journey as he shifts the polarity of his beliefs transforming his life. I've also watched a couple YouTube interviews. He's great... living from simplicity (aka singularity... it is what it is). The interviewers at times appear befuddled - they just don't get it and try to break his ideals as they apply their linear beliefs. Tom retains composure at all times, truly living in alignment with himself. Bravo!

The most recent inspiring celeb bit is Ashton Kutcher's talk to Teens.

Let's keep this conversation going world!

The whole Men In Black series... brilliance! Jodie Foster in Contact. Coolness here is the vibration-energy-nonexistent time space stuff. And Matthew McConaughey... People magazine's 2005 Sexiest Man Alive... oh ya.

The Quantum Activist. There's some deep stuff. I've had to watch it a few times as honestly, the thick accent requires me to focus a lil more intently... and I've gotta rambling brain. Be ready to sink into this one.

I've also delighted in the entire Spirit Science series on YouTube. This type of communication works well for me. The clips are animated, concepts are simply presented and encompasses a lotta stuff. I think I watched all 22 episodes over the course of a few days. Utterly captivating!

There is so much available to us, in a myriad of forms. It's time to question everything! Look at things through the chicken and the egg filter. Which came first? What is true? Are we a brain with a heart or a heart with a brain?

I'm a long-time believer that we are energetic beings having an earth walk. These days I feel like I'm on a fast-track of wonderment in this rapidly-changing technical world. Information continuously at our fingertips, the knowledge is coming fast and furious. Pay attention to what's going on and what's truly important and ultimately what feels good. It's fascinating and not to be feared (cause fear doesn't feel so good does it?).

We have an abundance of resources all to help humanity get to that state of alignment and singularity... where we can accept it is what it is and treat ourselves and others with love and kindness.

Whew. Time for a nap...

* I watched on I am on Netflix; lots of other good stuff on YouTube

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