Wednesday, 19 February 2014

a wing and a prayer

magical crystal water

Part of my esoteric regime is drinking water blessed and enriched with crystals. Sometimes I tape a handwritten note on the side.  Love & Gratitude   Joy   
This kinda embarrassed my teenage daughter when her friends came over.

I found this magnificent decanter at Pier 1 Imports   everything is so pretty in there I can't stand it ... the commercials are true ... the stuff does talk to you!    I always check the clearance shelves, afterall who doesn't love a bargoon.  Found a crystal darling for only $8. It's even conical - think sacred geometry - with glass topper. I wash it, and the crystals, with only warm water and baking soda. The crystals get energized by moonlight and sunlight alternately, in a windowsill or the shrine created on my bureau complete with candles and Tibetan buddha statue.   thanks mom! she's so onboard

Anyway, as part of my commitment to experiments of a natural nature, I've been drinking my Joy water for many months now. It's delicious and satiating. There's an undeniable wholeness felt in your mouth. Sometimes ... I amp it up ... adding fresh lemon. Who doesn't want to stimulate liver regeneration? Am I right? Health-wise, I'm terrific. I'm thriving in fact. Thank you Source.

So I'm in a Mother Earth Esoterics R Us Shop picking out a meditation cushion. Which, by the way is the cat's meow. Love it. While making my purchase, the topic of crystals came up. I proudly revealed my crystal water routine.

KLH  Kind, loving human  shop girl
CJ  Cuppa Joy me

KLH  What crystals do you put in?
CJ  I have a few different combinations
KLH  You know some are toxic right

Say what?

CJ  Oh, no actually I didn't
Being on the path to enlightenment allows one to stuff the ego and expose the ignorance. She rambled off a few names of toxic crystals which I only remembered one. And now I can't even remember that one.

I did check out numerous crystal sites and ensured none of the crystals I've been lavishing in love and mother nature's elixir weren't secretly killing me ... slowly ...

yup, a wing and prayer

Note: the bestest masseuse-bodyworker-starseed I know, told me her mom referred to her as the most fucked-up angel she knew ... personally I find that a delightful term of endearment and kinda hope that's what my mom thinks of me


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