Wednesday, 7 May 2014

technological advances

I bought myself a present. For riding the waves of my journey. It's beautiful. It's sexy. I love it. 23 inches of pure technological genius that connects me pretty much anywhere with anything. Touch screen too. Still surprise myself when I point at something on the screen and something else comes alive!


I get giddy just sayin the word.

Less than 20 years ago we bought a 31" TV for a thousand bucks. And I was over the moon sayin "I've gotta big f'n TV"... Today, for 75 percent of that, I have a multi-purpose device.

I used to think of my grandparents and the advancements witnessed in their lifetimes. Big things. Cars, airplanes, television, cordless phones, space travel... I've since turned my attention to my generation. My children  know a record player only as a retro device. Dare I mention 8-tracks...

Our gen has witnessed the birth of ATMs, debit cards, cellphones, computers, the Internet, huge leaps in medical technology, transportation, space exploration and genetic manipulation... Anything seems possible. With this exponential growth what will things be like in 10 years ... then envision 20 years in the future.

Exciting times are upon us.

Truth is the Universe is ever-expanding and everything ... I mean everything ... around us is changing at a rapid rate. The technological advances are tools that are helping us really delve into history and what and who we are. And where we're going. Fascinating stuff.

I heard this joke about the evolutionary ladder. Man, as we're identified, looks back at the ape with a shocked look after noticing a step ahead of him. The ape says what, you thought you were the end?

Glad to be back. 

Cuppa Joy out.

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