Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Milk of Human Kindness

My mother always referred to the Milk of Human Kindness which I assumed came from the teachings of my beloved Grannie, wild child daughter of a Canadian pioneer preacher. Or she read Shakespeare.

Nonetheless, fresh outta my Hawaiian Retreat, my first integration back into 3D reality found me waiting for a cab to take me to the airport at 5 a.m. My son had warned me not to leave the Oakland airport but being the adventurous type I was all over this. No problem. Motel 6 down the road. Hmmm.

Thankfully, I'd set my own alarm though the front desk clerk (through the voice vent in the bullet-proof glass) had offered a wake-up call. As I was lingering in the lobby (along with numerous people waiting for 5:15 am to check IN... say what?) I watched a slender figure, hood pulled down over eyes, dart from one side of the parking lot to another. The odd female slinked by. One wrapped in a towel... As time ticked by I was getting anxious, asking the front desk gal to call again, and again. Breathe, breathe, breathe. I was so close yet so far away. I could see the airport. Damn it.

YP  Young Person a gal who was checking in at 5:15 am 
BBA  Beautiful Black Angel   good samaritan
CJ  Cuppa Joy me

A young woman approached me.
YP  I could see if our driver can take you to the airport after we check in.
CJ  Yes. Please. Please ask.
Don't know what kind of 'driver' this is. I'd seen him come in to the lobby shortly before 5 am. Lots of gold. Huge watch. Chains galore. Dressed in all white. Pants around the thighs. Seriously, how do people walk like that? It's gotta be a challenge keeping the pants up. I foresee hip issues in the future of today's low-riding pant wearers...

A 300 pound black angel stood in front of me.
BBA  What's goin' on?
CJ  I just want to go home.
Tears were welling up in my eyes.
CJ  I've been waiting 45 minutes for a taxi. My flight is going to leave in half an hour.
BBA  I'll take you. I get my vehicle. My wife and I take you.

He pulled around, I hopped in. Within five minutes I was at Terminal 2.

BBA  There's good people in the world.
CJ  Indeed.

Now I was really leaking from my eyes.

CJ  Thank you. Thank you. You are so kind.

I thrust all the U.S. cash I had left into his hand as I leaned over the seat and hugged this gentle giant. His wife too got the full CuppaJoy huggin'. I have no idea who these kind folks are but I hope they felt as good about helping a stranger as I did as said recipient.

Ah the Universe. I kept Joy in my heart, trusting that all is well and let the Milk of Human Kindness flow (no doubt with a lil help from Grannie's spirit).

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