Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Spontaneity or lack thereof

I have the long weekend off. The sun's been a blazin'. The only commitment I have is a fabulous 14 year old daughter. I have friends camping lakeside 2 hours away. We decide to go.

TNB  The New Boss
CJ  Cuppa Joy me

It's Thursday when I approach The New Boss.
CJ  Okay if I leave early tomorrow?
We discuss the operational situation.
TNB  Sure. Send me an email tomorrow to remind me.
I like his request - that's how I operate - have a trail for reference 'cause, dang, I just don't remember stuff anymore.
Hey TNB,
As discussed I’ll be heading out at 2 pm (using the time I had ‘on the books'). Spending the weekend lakeside on friend’s property – I’ll definitely be killing a few brains cells but I don’t use the full capacity anyway… haha

I know people in that area so be good!

Tuesday morning. Still basking in the memories created with those goofy bastards I've known most of my life.

Please make sure you always make note of your TIL (time in lieu) in the stationary calendar & in the future plan it out a few days in advance so that I can make sure we don’t have any unforeseen staffing shortages.


What's with that? I feel like I'm in trouble. And he spelled stationery wrong! Sheesh.

This is the reply I formulate though don't have the vaj to send it, so I'll do it publicly instead ...
Dear TNB
I am in receipt of your email outlining expectation for future scenarios. I want to assure you that I like to plan ahead. I've always been very good at planning. And gosh darn, my role at work is referenced to as a Planner. I planned my first ski trip when I was only 17. I arranged the coach, printed tickets, pre-purchased group lift passes, and spent the day skiing completely inebriated (hey that's what the aforementioned goofy bastards and I did back then). On one of these trips my best friend broke her leg. We were across the border so she had to endure an 8 hour journey home to proper medical care. That we hadn't planned for.

Which brings me to a key question which has arisen as a result of your email. I'm all for planning. As outlined above I really really enjoy it. But there's this whole other world of spontaneity. I actually enjoy this area even more than planning! Countless times throughout my earthwalk opportunities have presented themselves and if it weren't for the lil minkey* in my mind I wouldn't have taken some impressive leaps. Does your email represent your view on spontaneity?

I'm open to the possibility that a reptilian-driven member of our organization directed you to send such a limiting formality. Cause up til now I've been of the impression you were an out-of-the-box kind of guy. 
Regards, Planner #2

*minkey = hybrid of minx and monkey

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