Thursday, 22 May 2014

be the observer

I work in an office. And I enjoy it. Above my desk is my Cuppa Joy logo; a pyramid of orgonite sits adjacent to my name plate atop the L-shaped bookshelf also serving as a divider between the subject of my relentless pranking and I (i'm sure some days she wishes i'd move). I've made my area open and enticing. I like being in the nucleus.

colleagues to the left of me, colleagues to the right,
here I am, snug in the middle with me
- sung to Stuck in the Middle with You, Stealers Wheel 1972

All too typical, unrest within the clan does occur. After a particularly prickly day I was pondering the day's events. I find human behaviour fascinating. In my rapid expansion of awareness I found great peace on reviewing as an observer. Really testing out this whole non-egoic state of singularity stuff ...its taken me over a year to completely grasp the concept of that statement - so if you're thinking say what? don't worry; over time you will undoubtedly be exposed to information that will pique your memory of this statement and one day it will all make sense. Trust me on this.

My method of reaching this judgement-free view involves a few dissection steps.
Here's an example.
Statement  They should have done that.
Reflection  Hmmm anything that involves shoulda woulda coulda is definitely got some judgement going on.
Question  So where does judgement come from?
Reflection  That would be based on a belief system.

Knowing this, it gets pretty easy to then see how a person is really just responding appropriate to their belief system. And I accept that. I also accept that others, myself included, see the experience through their own belief system which may or may not align with that of the statement-maker. This is where "taking it personally" comes in. Oh my, at times we are wounded, offended - even horrified, and conversely, pleased and delighted by others all based on our own views of the situation.

Another example. Tell someone they look young. If it's an older person, you'll probably get a positive response. On the other hand if it's a teenager, they may not feel quite the same way and you'll get a much different response.

Every situation that arises throughout the day is a potential learning experience. Lots of us are bombarded with interchanges that give us an opportunity to process as an observer and adopt the view that things just happen. It's only when we bring in the ego and its beliefs, values, yada, yada, that we create the drama, the story, the experience that subsequently unfolds.

I am grateful every morning when I open my eyes. I'm still here! Brilliant!
Another day to practice this peaceful way of moving about my world. While my coffee brews, I start with a few minutes of qi gong to wake up this magnificent physical vessel I occupy. If my bird feeders are low I'll pop out and top them up.
Much nicer this time of year that's it's warmer. I have to admit slipping on the ice a few times in the winter in my urgency to provide sustenance to my feathered friends. In my mind I'm Snow White singing while the bluebirds land on my arms and shoulders...
Next I'll check in with a variety of consciousness-related websites I follow. All setting the vibe - pun intended - for the day.

And I remind myself that all I have to do at any given moment is take the view of the observer, realize it's just the ego making you all squirmy, and all that human suffering goes away... Life truly can be a beautiful thing; it's how we choose to experience it.

Best go check on those bird feeders...

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