Friday, 29 August 2014

Random Encounters of the Amusing Kind

I'm sitting cross-legged on my bed, chillaxin' engrossed in another consciousness youtube clip.

Ding! My phone signals a text.

I see a number. No name. Hmm, not in my contact list.

RT  Random Texter
CJ  Cuppa Joy me

RT    Hi what are you doing tonight    want to go to a country bar!!

Clearly a wrong number text. The imp in me surfaces. I shall have fun with this.

CJ    Sorry I don't do country
RT    What your missing out    fun   music   ok next time

I decide perhaps I should figure out if I do actually know this person.

CJ    Who are you going with?
Feeling smug, clever. Sherlock-like.

RT    Well everyone is backing out so don't think i am going  :(

Argh! Foiled. I'm being toyed with. I persist.

CJ    Now I feel bad. Where is this fun band playing?
RT    At Dukes   new country bar   opening tonight on discovery downtown

I change strategies. I'm gonna throw out information and see how Random Texter replies. Brilliant!

CJ    On Well I'm out. No funds. And no babysitter for Alex (bill went to the hockey game) Thanks tho

None of this is true. Except I did hear on the radio coming home from work that there was a hockey game at the local arena that night. I chose the name Alex being rather generic - girl, boy, dog*
* judgement-free observation we all know people who will pass on social occasions that require them leaving the family friend home alone 

RT    Ok next time
Checkmate. You win Random Texter! But I must have the last word.
CJ    For sure ;)


A week goes by. I've relayed this story to a few and keep reminding myself to sit down and blog about it. Hey I think. Let's keep the game going. I text.

CJ    Hey how was the country bar? Did u go? What up tonight?
RT   No i didn't get to go !! at jacks for a B-Day party. Going to the blues bash tomorrow with Janelle


wtf. Ah geez. I do know this person. Crap.

RT   What are you and Pam doin tomorrow  u should come down   its free!!

Busted. A long time friend she is. We will share a loud raucous laugh when we see each other again. Ha ha. How blonde am I?

CJ    She's going to van  Was thinking of Jessie's but not sure  See what weather does
RT   Ok we are going downtown around 12 if you want to join us
CJ    I'll keep it in mind
RT   K

Why am I the jerk again?

APS  Another Pleiadian Starseed
CJ  Cuppa Joy me

I'm at this magnificent outdoor summer party. Live Band. Lights colouring the surrounding forest. Pure sound. Love.

I'm groovin. I'm swayin. I am the music. I am the vibration. I am drunk.

This gal appears beside me. She's groovin too. In the energy of the night we dance. We start chattin. I feel like she's zoomed in on me ... and not in a sexual possible lesbian way ... just a chick thing
As the conversation continues to unfold - complete with her commenting on our physical similarities - most notably our hair, I can't take it anymore, I must ask.

CJ    When's your birthday?
APS  April 22   I'm all about the 22
CJ     F-off
I say it in a most loving, joyful, inebriated, hippy kind of way. I show her the many places 22 is woven in a couple of my tatts.
CJ    Me too

We hug, we dance more. Off she goes ...

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