Sunday, 20 October 2013

sudden uncontrollable outbursts

It would appear that as part of the human condition we have a desire to label things and although it doesn't change the circumstance at all, we are comforted by the knowing.

So recently I saw a commercial that I actually thought was a spoof.

Have you experienced sudden outbursts of uncontrollable crying or laughing?

If so, you may have "wxyz". Learn more about this neurologic condition that affects nearly 2 million ...

In advance I will apologize to those who do experience this and other physical ailments who may take offence.

Seriously people? The commercial went on further with suggestions for this newly identified condition. This led to my daughter and I experiencing a sudden outburst of uncontrollable laughing. Then we wept upon realization that this was 'real'.

So many labels, syndromes, conditions. Does it change anything by what you call it?

A couple years ago I had self-diagnosed on the internet (not always a wise idea ... don't believe everything you think) and informed my doctor I had 'chronic fatigue syndrome'. Somehow by labelling how I'd been feeling led me to believe I could now easily fix it.

My doctor explained she was hesitant to give such a diagnosis as there wasn't really any specific treatment. Hmmm. I got it. Yet another need from the ego.

There are many individuals who suffer from IBS (which I personally wouldn't have the need to tell others) and many other syndromes; yet in my observance they haven't necessarily taken steps dietary or otherwise to assist their condition. Everyone wants a magic pill to make it go away. Another instance of the way in is the way out...

Examine why you have this syndrome, condition, dis-ease, ailment, yada, yada, yada. And be open to what you discover. Allow the possibility of the source to be something other than what you think. Step out of your current belief system. We all have the power within us to change anything.

It's the whole comfort thing of knowing which is helpful if you use the information to move forward and not just an addition to your List of Limitations.

My mom and I were recently discussing the end of the Mayan Calendar and how it was labelled by the fearful as "the end of the world". The spiritual saw it as "the beginning of a new world".

My mom (a saint on this earth) simply said "it's time for a new calendar".

Love you Mom.

Incidentally the same physical symptom Have you experienced sudden outbursts of uncontrollable laughing or crying? appeared on a list of Ascension Symptoms I was perusing. And admittedly many other items that I'm tempted to label simply as Being Human. Who's the holder of the Normal List that says feeling intense emotions at times is abnormal? Embrace who you are! Show the world! Be deliciously weird*. In fact, I think my co-workers would find it abnormal if I didn't exhibit sudden outbursts every coupla days. Huge grin.

*my blogs advocate the display of behaviours that are of a positive, loving, and honouring nature, as exist in my Cuppa Joy reality.

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