Monday, 15 July 2013

Irrational Thoughts of a (temporarily) Mad Woman

I’ve just lambasted my ex for being an insensitive jerk. As I’m an Over-Crier I’m secretly hoping he's tormenting himself envisioning me sobbing over his latest disappointment.
Ah, but I am not. With extreme swiftness I'm funnelling my anger sweeping that man outta my garage.
I am resisting the urge to text:

BTW not a tear shed. Though I will neither confirm nor deny I have created a voodoo doll in effigy. Does your face hurt?

Somehow I feel better...
I wore a dress to work. Still avoiding any kind of lengthy dialogue with him — you wanna communicate with me you know how — I received a text.

Him You look nice
MeLooks can be deceiving ;)

Bless him. Didn't get my cynical humour. Thought I was having a bad day...

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