Monday, 8 July 2013


Question to the masses -

How many bras, on average, do most women have?

This came to mind of recent when my daughter, convinced that I was too embarrassed to attend to her needs, corralled my quite-willing daughter-in-law to do the deed and take her shopping for a bra.

The outing was a complete success - to La Senza, no less - and I was secretly delighted to be spared any awkwardness. My daughter was thrilled with her purchases ... or at least I thought so until she expressed a preteen level of urgency in returning to the store as the sale-of-the-century was ending.

So I asked... Um... how many did you get today?

Her reply was 3 (three).

I said... You're 13. How many do you need?

My mind drifted back to a conversation with my mostly inappropriate and incredibly endearing co-workers... I overhear a couple of the gals chatting about their various boob-cases (one of my sons coined this term at age 3). I holler out "I've got two. How many do you need?"

Looking back I realize how much of a reflection that was of how I was feeling about myself. Definitely before I embraced my Inner Gypsy. I now have 5 ... in different colours too!

But maybe I'm way out of touch. It's possible. So I pose the question.

How many bras, on average, do most women have?

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