Monday, 15 July 2013

Aren't Jokes supposed to be Funny?

CMH Closed Minded Human (dude at work)
CJ Cuppa Joy (me)
So this CMH tells this joke which annoyed me.

How do you make 3 pounds of fat look good?  Put a nipple on it.

Joe Average laughs. I’m irked. And I’m not exactly sure why. But after pondering, for a few months I might add, I found the source.
Um, firstly, it’s not fat jackwagon. It’s tissue...mammary gland if you want to be picky.

And, in fact, mammary glands play a life and death role in this world of ours.
Am I taking this a lil seriously? You betcher ass I am.

I am a mother of four. I am humbled and in awe that I have, from my physical form, created and sustained life.
This is an aspect of our earthwalk that by the infinite wisdom of the universe this CMH will not get the opportunity to experience.
A few weeks later the same CMH sends me a message.

CMH Hey I thought of a great Halloween costume for you.

CJ     this is March

CMH You can attach jars of cinnamon, paprika, pepper to your bra and go as a spice rack.

CJ     seriously?  Hey you can paint that circular fringe on the top of your head brown and go as an asshole...

CMH ouch. that hurt.

'Nuff said. Message received.

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