Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Time Warp & Weird Animal Interactions

I read on the internet today - it's official - time is warping. 

I am not mocking this statement whatsoever as I truly believe time has been kinda odd lately. However I'm not really one to pass up the opportunity to mock ... afterall this-must-be-true-cause-I-read-it-on-the-internet.

But seriously time has been weird. It feels like it's flying by; my colleagues and I were lamenting last week how it's already halfway through 2015. On the other hand when I look back at certain events, say last February, it feels like eons ago. I try to remember this observation particularly at times when I'm feeling a great deal of discomfort over how my life is unfolding. In simpler terms, hang on this crap won't last long; before you know it, it'll be weeks down the road and you won't remember what you were piss-moaning about... How's that for kicking your own butt! Spiritually-speaking I could be using kinder verbage however I'm embracing my personality and really, one's spiritual journey isn't about being nice all the time. It's about being true to your higher-self and the practice of accepting one's true nature rather than picking on ourselves.  Sometimes I say the f* word too

Of late, along with many other humans, I've been experiencing some interesting interactions with animals. 

My most recent tattoo was a design I created some time ago (I really can't remember, what with all this warping going on) but the basis is the phi symbol - like pi but not quite - it is an equation specifically the golden ratio - the rate at which everything grows. It's the symbol of creation.

As I'm a flowy kinda gal I added a series of dust specks which morphed into birds - growing, right? I'd got the idea from a design of a dandelion blowing seeds. The tattoo artist redrew my sketch and asked if they were a specific bird. No, just birds I said.

A couple weeks later I was standing at my kitchen window gazing at my abundant green surroundings. A crow landed on the wire leading up to the house. Wow, that's close I thought. A moment later he flew directly at me and at the last moment swooped up to the roof. Okay, even closer. Time to look up animal symbolism. I love the internet.

Crow represents creation. Many cultures believe crows hold memories of ancient worlds, ancient ways of living, and beautiful secrets.

Of course the birds are crows. Thank you Universe; you never cease to amaze me.

A dear friend and fellow spiritual-seeker had a beautiful experience with a chicken, ever more to be known as The Spiritual Chicken.

It occurred only weeks after he'd given up eating meat. I recalled, when sharing his reasoning with me, he told of a nasty experience years earlier when eating chicken. A drumstick I believe. With a crippled, gnarled bone. I could see by his body language how repelled he was even now. Needless to say for many reasons he felt really good about his decision.

It was on a Saturday morning when venturing across the yard to his man-haven aka garage there it was. A chicken. Living in a industrial/suburban area there are no neighbours in the vicinity that house poultry...  Cool he thinks. The chicken accompanies him to the shop and there they happily spend the day. That night it wandered off. He hasn't seen it since and is quite convinced, as am I, that the Universe was expressing acknowledgment, support and gratitude for his decision. The Spiritual Chicken indeed.

I work in the city which means parking is almost non-existent, and what is available is either expensive or time limited. The free parking, which is my preference, is a 10 minute walk from my building. This time of year it's an absolute pleasure and I meander my way in the morning through the city's original residential area marked by colourful gardens and heritage styling. One Friday morning I noticed a deer ahead of me on the sidewalk. That's a bit unusual I thought. Across the street a woman poked her head around the back of an SUV.
He's stalking me she said.
That's funny I replied.
She hollered No it's not.
Indeed the deer had now crossed the road and was approaching her and her little dog. I do find this amusing however I can tell this lady is rattled.
I'll walk with you I said. I have an umbrella and if it gets close I'll protect us.
We walk half a block back in the direction I've come, gradually increasing speed as we notice the deer is getting closer! I think it likes your dog, I said. Another half block and as we glance back the deer is gone; it appears he's taken the road to the right that we just crossed.
Whew, she says. That was weird. She introduced herself, thanked me and ventured the last stretch to her building.
It was barely minutes til I crossed back over that road again on my way to work. The deer was nowhere in sight... OMG, I thought. I bet that sly creature has cruised the back yards and will head her off at the pass!
I couldn't wait to run into Margaret again out on her morning dog walk. It was a few days til our timing meshed.
I've been dying to know I asked. Did that deer reappear at the end of the block?
It did! she said. I knew it!
What made the day even weirder, she went on to tell me, later that afternoon while visiting friends the same thing happened. A deer appeared seemingly fixated and her and her dog.
You should look up deer spiritual symbolism, I suggest.

I told my spiritual chicken friend about the deer interaction. He had just learned from caregivers at his mother's extended care facility that they often see deer around their premises, and believe them to be assisting with soul transition. In simple terms, assisting the death experience.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen Margaret and her little dog lately. Hope they're okay.

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