Thursday, 30 April 2015


It's been my observance that Humans like to humanize things ... random stuff, other mammals and animals, and the big one ... God.

I've been an avid follower of Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer for many years. He clearly and easily points out how it's the humans that have the problems. And it's true. We humans want everything else to relate to us in our language without many of us even for a moment considering the other party. One of my fave insights into dog psychology is when Cesar teaches us that, to a dog, an excited human  hello baby, hello, come to mama  represents instability and he (the dog) better take charge of this lunatic.

I used Cesar's method with a chihuahua I came into possession of a few years back (that's a whole other story). To me anything smaller than a lab isn't really a dog so there was no way I was going to let this small beast be babied. For the couple of years he was on my watch that was the best damn baby dog ever. He hiked mountains with me (my rationale was if a 48 yr old chubby woman could do it, a 3 yr old chi could). We went everywhere with him mostly off leash (although he wasn't suicidal I still ensured he was leashed at intersections). And I did NOT humanize him. I let him be a dog. Albeit a very small one.

He did a bunch of cool tricks too. His best was Look Pretty.
That was a real crowd pleaser!

I heard a good humanizing story on the radio one afternoon. Apparently there was a dead crow on the side of the road and it's mate was snuggling and trying to nudge it off the gravel to the grass. Someone had called in saying how heartfelt it was as the one bird didn't want to leave the other's side. Nope, another caller (with scientific credentials) explained. Was trying to fornicate. 
Dreamy humans.

So that brings me to the big one mentioned in the opening line. God. 

Through my spiritual journey I have come to the understanding that we are all energy - a frequency - a sound wave - as our core component taking form as a mighty complex and miraculous biological machine. Our senses interpret and generate emotions that produce some sort of judgment, even in the simplest form of good or bad. 
Think about this: A surge of energy from something we experience is void of judgment until it passes through our human form which interprets the information. 
We often hear statements like ...
  Why would God do this?
  God is angry
  Sometimes bad things happen to good people (as if bad people deserve it more!)

All have a level of judgment to them. And judgment is humanizing. Assuming that God is male or female is another example of humanizing...

God is source energy. We are all an extension of source energy expressing itself in human form. And humans happen to exist in a third dimensional physical world based on dualistic existence. So really we just can't help it ... we're Human. That's our experience. Guess I'll stop judging...

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