Sunday, 14 September 2014

Orbs in the 'Hood

An interesting phenomenon has been on the increase of late. Hold on folks, this blog is going full-freak.

I'm talkin bout Orbs. Energy spheres. Say what?

Here's my story. As I've been progressing on this spiritual journey and refining my vessel, synchronicity and other really interesting energy things have been on the increase. And it's never what I expect. That's how absolutely delightful the Universe is.

I have an unusual sense of humour. I find myself quite amusing. Those close to me don't find it odd for me to exhibit tears-down-the-face, loud-belly-laughing at something I've said or done.
Case in point, I'm cooking lentils, a staple of my plant-based regime. I'm relishing in the love I'm feeling just thinking about lentils and I wonder if it's Jewish dish. Then I realize, oh, I'm thinking about Barbra Streisand's Yentl. With that connection made, I'm full-on raucous laughter, grab the countertop for stability over my blondeness.
The family downstairs don't bother to 'check on me'. 

Over the past year I've started to notice an increasing number of Orbs in photos I'm taking with my sweet lil purple Nikon Coolpix. Good 'ole point & click. I'm fancy when I use the zoom.

And there they are. Amazing. I giggle every time I review my clickings.

I watched a documentary Orbs: The Veil is Lifting*. Fascinating and answered pretty much all my questions.

I have debunker friends which is fine. That's their reality and I've learned to respect that and not let their views take down mine. 

An interesting perspective on the photography I'm doing ... a portion of my photos would have to be edited for reproduction ... I'm talking Photoshopping the Orbs OUT ... I find this amusing. For years people have been Photoshopping things IN...

When snapping these I even noticed the Orbs on the camera screen just as the flash lit up the 10 feet in front of me. Wowza.

Phenomenon in a nutshell and practical terms: By making adjustments at the source - eating plant-based, meditating, laughing, observing, practicing forgiveness - it's like I'm tuning into higher frequencies and I can literally see more stuff.

And we're all being vibrationally uplifted by Mother Earth's current rattle & hum and the external bombardment of solar flares and magnetic storms. As above, so below. Yes, we're all part of the expanding Universe whether you willingly participate or not.  I find this amusing too.

Take a deep breath. This is fascinating and joyful. Put on your quantum cap and allow imagination and infinite possibility in your world.

Make your own CuppaJoy reality.

You can you know...

*I subscribe to Gaiam TV, a spiritual version of Netflix. I highly recommend it, however, much like Netflix the content isn't 100% available to Canadians and they've got some streaming issues to work out and app creations. Come on Gaiam! Feed us northern neighbours  (that's right spellcheck came up when I hit that 'U')

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