Monday, 15 September 2014

Let's Play Christ Consciousness!

The Game of All-Ages for All Ages

     an exciting game of skill & chance

Number of Players  INFINITE

Object of the Game  ATTAIN INNER PEACE  Christ Consciousness

Energies from different dimensions will inhabit a human form and play the Galactic Federation's Earthwalk: Duality and Density of the Physical Realm

Players move throughout this quantum matrix creating their moves and rules as they go. The only limitations are the ones players impose upon themselves.

A player's perception and related emotional vibration will determine the amount of Joy and Struggle experienced through each Earthwalk Incarnation.

On each Incarnate players will be provided opportunities to raise their vibration; evolving and expanding their consciousness and contributing to the global collective.

Prior to Re-Incarnation, players will set out specific goals and possible experiences that will provide the environments to learn the desired outcomes.

At the end of each Incarnate, players will consult with the Collective Counsel for assessment of the Earthwalk.

Players will continue to Incarnate until Christ Consciousness has been attained.

Christ Consciousness is the state of consistently vibrating at an emotional level of 800 or above when all you see around you is LOVE in every imaginable form.

Bring back family game night! 

Play Christ Consciousness

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