Saturday, 14 April 2018

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

It's Saturday. I'm home and loving it. Working the grind, the Monday to Friday slavitude, can be tiring so I'm grateful to be able to allow my day to unfold with the rhythm of my heart.

I have a few errands to run and I like to get out and take care of business so I can hunker down at home for the afternoon. Plus I'm outta weed...

Being a list person, I make a plan. Bank, groceries, dispensary. I live in a smallish city so I'm fortunate that the 3 stops will get me back home in just over an hour. I love the area where I've spent the lion's share of my 55 years on the planet. My first stop at the bank is to open an RRSP account so I can lessen the amount of tax I seem to owe the government every year in spite of the thousands I've already handed over. I'd rather do that and get the deduction and keep my money rather than having more tax taken off my diminishing pay cheque. The process is easy - the bank teller is knowledgeable and asks me all the right questions to ensure I'm opening the right kind of account. Within 15 minutes I'm done and onto the next stop. Woohoo.

Begin a vegan can be a bit challenging for groceries. There are 3 stores within my area that supply the foods I eat and I know where to go for the cheapest price for the various products. Today I'm stopping at Whole Foods, an absolutely beautiful shopping experience. The energy in this store generated from the fresh organic foods and generally happy people make it a high vibrational atmosphere.

My last stop is the dispensary. I'm not a drinker (I'd fill a few blogs to explain why... lol) but I do enjoy a puff. I'm grateful for the convenience and guidance a dispensary provides. I'm not advocating chronic smoking however it beats the hell outta meeting some teenager in an alley. If I can go to a liquor store to buy booze, why can't I purchase a mind-altering substance of a different kind in a regulated manner. That's a whole other argument which seems to be playing out and moving forward.

I'm a member at Trees - a premier dispensary in our area. As the legalities get worked out in Canada, Trees is positioning themselves to be a frontrunner in the distribution following all current laws, displaying proper permits, well-paid knowledgeable staff, and environmentally-conscious. They even have a recycling program for their packaging giving 10% off when you bring back the plastic sleeves.

There's no other customers when I arrive so I start chatting with the two fellas behind the counter both of whom I've seen several times before. They're upbeat and talking about how spectacular their walk to work was this morning and how it's Spring and the birds are back. I'm delighted that these 'young guys' are in tune with nature (though they're probably late 20s-30ish). The one guy starts talking about his experience living in Edmonton where the magpies responded to him playing his didgeridoo. He made friends with them and they mimicked each other's sounds back and forth. They noticed his routine and would wait for him to come home from work and play with them. After a few months he had up to sixty birds singing with him. He said he loved communicating with birds and knew several different calls, and proceeded to perform them. It was a magical exchange and it filled my heart. Beautiful people. I have faith that all will be well in this world with the millenials. I finished my transaction and was about to leave when the guy with the dreadlocks (it is a dispensary after all...) told me to hold on. He went over to a jar and grabbed a pre-rolled J, handed it to me and said thanks for chatting with us. My heart wells. He goes on to say what a great customer I am, always happy and smiling when I come in and they're genuinely glad to see me. I'm moved to tears by the kind words and the gesture. Ahhh you're gonna make me cry, I say. All three guys in the store then say goodbye calling me by my name.

I walk out to my vehicle feeling so blissful in my world. Grateful to be alive and surrounded by beautiful souls.

However it does occur to me when you're on a first name basis with the weed guys I might be too good of a customer!

Happy 420

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