Monday, 8 December 2014

Finding Your Super Power

We all are connected, literally, to Source and therefore and have Super Powers. Most folks just don't know it. And some don't want to know it. Personally I want clarification and affirmation with regard to some of the woo woo stuff that goes on in my world.

I attended a Psychic Development workshop recently. I was in my element. Couldn't wipe the grin off my cherubic face. When pixies and fairies appeared on the Oracle cards I drew I started to giggle. And when we observed the hazy glow of energy radiating from fingertip to fingertip, I couldn't contain my squeal It's like a slinky! I won't tell you my reaction to the magic of the dowsing rods in action but let's say it was like I'd just heard Come on down ... you're the next contestant on the Price is Right!
Safe to say Elf is one of my favourite Christmas movies...

We covered alot of paranormal ground and played a number of games to strengthen the psychic muscle. It was through these we were all discovering our Super Powers. Some came armed and knowing, most of us were looking for clarity on what we thought was going on. One came in cold. She was uncomfortable with the 3 minute meditation. Interestingly enough she was a dead ringer for Scooby Doo's Velma. And very linear. A university student with an interest in preserving haunted sites. She's being drawn to the right side... Really cool young person ... and her friends do call her Velma.

One of the activities was to hold an envelope with a photo of a person. That's all we were given. We were to jot down any information that came into our minds regardless of how irrelevant it seemed.

I'm holding Envelope A. Clearing my mind. Nothing. Okay, breathe. Hmmm... nothing. No pictures in my mind. No words. Ego voice is panicking. Oh geez. Then in the background of my mind I'm starting to hear Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya. Man am I weird. The lyrics continue. Peaceful I write down.

I go on to Envelope B. Pretty much same scenario. Nothing and then another song bubbles up. We're out of the woods, we're out of the ......  Open, open... Glinda the good witch sprinkles pixie dust... Yellow brick road, munchkins, Glinda I write down.

Envelope C. Takes even longer to get a song this time. I'm in the wrong workshop. I'll be exposed as a mere spirit wannabe! My mind is absolutely blank aside from the monkey chatter. Hmmm. Sitting stoned alone in my backyard, asking myself why should I work so hard... I can't even summarize that.

Turns out one of my Super Powers is cryptic messages by song. Envelope A had a photo of Nelson Mandela. Envelope B was Princess Diana wearing her crown. Envelope C was I'll be back Arnold. Go figure.

Ha ha. I completely amuse myself.

And it does make sense. This by no means is the first time I've attributed songs as part of the Universe's communication to me. 

In 1998 one of my fave songs ever was released. Time of Your Life by Greenday. The words fit perfectly for a trio of life-changing events that occurred for me. I left my employer of 20 years, my husband of 10 years and Seinfeld ended its 9 year run. In line with Elaine's yada, yada, lobster bisque priority scale, Seinfeld was the most devastating of the three...

Sigh. I really did feel I sucked at a number of the Psychic activities. However I was exhibiting a spectacular aura as shown in my partner's illustration below. Notably a beacon of violet & blue light beaming from my third eye chakra. Definitely dialed in. Surrounding my body were two narrow layers - Golden Joy and Root Chakra Red - with glowing layers of Loving Kindness Pink and Gratitude Green.

So maybe I only see energy fields and hear songs and radiate Joy. I'm thinkin that's one helluva Super Power I got goin on. 

In fact, I was exercising my Super Power on the bus this morning. I was marveling at the sunrise while aware that most of the other riders were missing the show! I was emitting the vibe Look to the left bus peeps ... look to the left as my heart sang with appreciation of the beauty of incredible cloud formations in bold contrast to the blue and pink sky.

And when I got to work I made just-the-right-amount of silly comments during our Monday morning meeting. Working the crowd, spreading the love. 

Most of all, I got affirmation of my nom-de-plume CuppaJoy. And that makes me smile.

To Infinity and Beyond!

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